GCC for One & All 20-21: WELCOME

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GCC for One & All 20-21: WELCOME

1 st May. 2021

OAFS Intercultural Programs

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Classroom Roles Bring all materials for class! coo — Participate Camera is ON, Mic is MUTED Listen to Miss Brunt and each other Be r eSpeCtflJl and kind

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Divya Batra Arora

National Director , AFS India


Scene 4 (26s)

Lets meet our mentors …………. (Qualified Facilitators)

Scene 5 (35s)

Sheema Shaikh

Principal, Pragnya Bodhini High School, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Scene 6 (44s)

Sundari SuryaKumar

Leader – Demand & Capacity, Cloud Migration & Modernization Team IBM, Bengaluru, K arnataka

Scene 7 (53s)

Alumu Srinivasulu

S enior Academic Consultant, Educational Initiatives, Bengaluru, K arnataka

Scene 8 (1m 2s)

Saravanan Rajan

Machine Learning Data Associate , Amazon Development Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Joining Breakout Rooms... Breakout Room 1 It may take a few moments.

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Peer Mentors

Scene 11 (1m 27s)

GCC Course General Guidelines

Scene 12 (1m 33s)

The GCC Programs include

Individual accounts for online learning environment managed Online modules with video content subtitled in multiple languages Online forum space for reflecting with peers from around the world Online quizzes and assignments related to content

©2020 AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc.

Scene 13 (1m 49s)

How much time is it needed for the GCC Programs?

Self-paced online video-based modules (20 modules) 7 to 9 hours to complete

Four 90-minute Facilitated Dialogue Sessions 6 to 8 hours total

Reflection, journaling and engaging with peers Flexible based on individual needs

©2020 AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc.

3 Facilitated Dialogue Sessions by Qualified Facilitators

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Mandatory submissions on time

Scene 15 (2m 20s)

T o make the program e ffective to develop essential & lifelong global “power skills”

Attendance >80% P articipation Collaboration Cross-cultural communication Open-mindedness & Flexibility Be respectful


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Pre Program Impact assessment https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10EF-1jyUI-VB2Am5lCiY_j5AwA0bi8qFpMTr74Om9Vk/edit

Pre Program Impact assessment https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10EF-1jyUI-VB2Am5lCiY_j5AwA0bi8qFpMTr74Om9Vk/edit

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Thank You!

OAFS Intercultural Programs