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Raashi Infotech Solutions Tally.ERP9 sales & services RAASHI INFOTECH SOLUTIONS Authorized Tally.ERP9 Partner POWER OF SIMPLICITY

Industrial Gas Module

Industrial Gas Module developed by Raashi InfoTech Solutions. This module helps to track your own cylinder record in Tally.ERP9. We having 5+ Years’ experience in Gas Industry for maintaining Cylinder number track record with the help of Tally.ERP9, We have customization solutions in Tally.ERP9.

Scene 2 (20s)

Gateway or -rany Accounts Into. Inventory Inro- Transactions Accounting vouchers Inven Tory Voucners Ord Er Vouchers util Ities Import Data Ba N Ring Reports Balance sneet pront & Loss Alc Summary Ratio Analysis D Isplay Multl Account Printing Q ult Inaustrlal Gas Module

Scene 3 (30s)

Gatewa of Tall Gas Module Entry Level A Transactions Report Level (B) Display Report Rental Reports (C) Rentals Report Quit

Gateway of Tally Gas Module Transactions 1)- NM Opening Bal NM sales (3)- NM Cylinder In NM Receipt Quit

Scene 4 (41s)

p : prim e Export '0: U*ad K: Keyt"d K: Control Centre 'H: Support Centre 'H: Help Vwohe Voucher (In Developer Mode,' SCIO eni„ Party Ac name Cu—nt balance Sales ledger Name of Item Ntrogen Gas Cyl Nec Ltd woo Dr Sales Qua Order no. Rate 1 nos 1 nos O: Quit 14. Accept 'D: Delete 'X:cancel Thursday n: Date Amount F 4: Purchase Order F5:Sales Order S: Stock Query C Pre-Close Orde A: Tax Analysis T: Post-Oated F11:Features Eli: Configure

Opening Entry (Optional)

Scene 5 (1m 1s)

Item Allocations tor : Nitrogen Gas Cyl Yes Cylinder No -2021 666 S SS Capacity 4 QTY 1 Quantity 1 nos 1 nos per Amount

Inside View

Scene 6 (1m 10s)

P: Print Voucher Alteration SGE Sales Reference nr Party A/c name Current baJance Sales ledger Name of Item Argon Gas Cyl . DEVMODE E: Export (In oevelope, Mode) DE-MOZ Nec Ltd M: E.Mail S: TalyShop IG: Lanouaoe Keyboard 'K: CCM1tr01 Centre IF: Centre 'H: Help 540.00 Dr Sales Quantity 3 nos 3 nos Rate per nos 6-AprQ021 Tuesday Amount 540.00 540.00 A: Accept Delete x' Cancel

Sales Entry

Scene 7 (1m 27s)

Item tor : Argon Gas Cyl Tracking Cyl No YeslNo Cylinder No Capacity QTY Tracking No. Tracking No. Yes Tracking No. Yes Q: Quit • Not App4icade • Not A"icade • Not App4icade Order No - Not Apßicade Order No. : 7 Order No. : 7 Not Apßicade Not Apßicade Quantity 1 nos 1 nos Rate per Alt Unit 180 m nos nos 180 m nos nos 3 nos Amount 1800 1800 540.00

Inside View

Scene 8 (1m 43s)

Tally.ERP - DEWOOE p: print E: Export 1M:E-MaiI Upload G: language Keyboard 1K: Control Centre voucher Alteration (In Developer Mo SGE Material In Reference non ECR2 Party A/C name Current balance Source Godown Name of Item Nec Ltd 540.00 Dr • Not Applicable Support Centre Quan 2 nos 2 nos H: Help '-2021 Friday Amount Argon Gas Cyl Narration q: Quit A: Accept D: Delete X: Cancel

ECR In Entry

Scene 9 (2m 0s)

Item Allocations for Tracking • Not Agßicable DEM02 Y • Not ApAicable DEM02 yes Cylinder No cylS 1 Argon Gas Cyl Quanti 1 nos 2 nos Rate per Amount

Inside view

Scene 10 (2m 9s)

Gatewa of Tall Gas Module Entry Level (A) Transactions Report Level Rental Reports (C) Rentals Report Quit

Gateway of Tally Gas Module Maha All Report Single StoCkItemMViseFrocess (B)- Group Summary With Details party Wise Stock Balance (D)- Cylinder With Customer Daily saes Report (F)- Cylinder No Wise Track customer CTR Report Month Wise (H) — Cylinder wise Report Item And patty Wise Stock Balance Quit

Scene 11 (2m 24s)

p: print - DEVMOOE Export M: E•Mail O: Upload Item Name 'S: Tallyshop Led Language r Name.: AbcLtd kavboard ICON_MahaPartyv.'isestockBal O Party Wise Stock Balance Argon Gas Cyl Nitro en Gas 777777 nos 888888 nos 999999 nos 777777 nos 999999 nos Total 16: Control Centre Sales Support Centre 'Y: Help 1.Apr.2021 to 30.Apr.2021 Material In Balance

Cylinder Holding Report

Scene 12 (2m 40s)

p: print DEVMODE g: Expon M:E4/ail Pa O: Name G:Language K: Kevboard ICON Item & Party Wise Stock Balance abc Ltd Nec Ltd K: Control Centre Sales H: Support Centre LH:Help I-Apr.2021 to 30.Apr.2021 , Stock Item Name.: A on Gas O in Material In Balance Total

Party Wise Cylinder Head Count

Scene 13 (2m 56s)

p: print Stock Narne. inder No. 6-Apr-2021 30-A 2021 E: Expt Argon Gas Cyl 333333 I s: TanyShcp G:Language VCh K: Kevboard K: Control Centre 'H:SupportCentre H: Help I-Apr-2021 to 30-Apr-2021 Inv No. OEM02 Pa Name Nec Ltd Nec Ltd Total iner op inder Sales inder IN Balance SGE sales Material In

Cylinder Number Wise Track

Scene 14 (3m 12s)

p: print IcorTn,ptiCTRRepz 6-4 r-2D21 6-Apr-2021 6-Apr-2021 6-Apr-2021 - DEVMODE E: Expon rt (In Dueleper O: IJplcsd Opening Balance 'S:TaIlyShop G:Language • K: Control Centre H' Suppon Centre Help Product Name Name > ou on Gas IN Vch No demol Invojce\. NAME OF THE PARTY ECR Date -2021 Abc 25-opr-2021 Abc Ltd I-Apr-2021 Abc Ltd s-Apr-2021 Abc Ltd Total Last Supply Date No Of Days exceeded be ond SUPPLY DATE 44,291 44,291 44,291

CTR Report

Scene 15 (3m 32s)

É:Exgort Rentals Register (In Oe Stock Name Vch Type. coer,in; SCE opening SGESaIes demol SGESaIes demol SGESaIes demol SCE sales OEM02 SGESaIes OEM02 SGESa1es OEM02 IS Tallyshop Party Name G: Language Net Ltd Abc Ltd Ltd Abc Ltd Net Ltd Net Ltd NE Ltd Control Centre Cylülder No. 888888 gggggg 323323 TOTAL 'H: Sup-pot Centre IH:Help Ctrl + 1.Apr.2021 to 30.Apr.2021 Date Supplied 1-+2021 *+2021 Date Returned 25-401-2021 25-401-2021

Cylinder Number wise In Out Report

Scene 16 (3m 50s)

p: print - DEVMOOE IE:Expon L S:TallyShop Rentals Register Ledger Name Abc Ltd Control Centre Date 2*F2021 I H: Support Centre •H: Help 1.Apr.2021 to 30.Apr.2021 PrMuct Name demo 1 demol demol G:Language Cylinder No. 888888 gggggg TOTAL Date Sup* *1-2021 *-2021 *-2021 Days Free Loan PeriM Gas Cyl Nitrogen Gas C," Nitrogen Gas Cyl Ntrogen Gas Cyl

Rental Report On days

Scene 17 (4m 7s)


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