Gamification in the Classroom

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G amification in the Classroom

Natalia Aguilar García



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S p ell in g B e e

How I gamify spelling?

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O verview

Spelling Bee is an annual competition in the institution I work. Two students from each grade, from primary to junior high are chosen to represent their campus (7 campuses in total). Therefore: How to motivate students? How to keep students engaged? How to gamify spelling bee?

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Here’s how it works : All students must participate. A list of words will be assigned each week to study and practice. Study lists are cummulative until students have studied, learned, and practiced the 250-300 word list. Every day students are asked a random word from the list to spell and earn a point/stamp if they spell correctly At the last page of their notebooks students keep a record of their points/stamps earned (teacher write or stamps the point) All points/stamps earned are redeemed by the end of term to level up their grades. By the end of the week there is a dictation in which students earn extra points for their end of term grades.


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On the Practice

Students are assigned a time to study/prepare in pairs or small groups.

Individual G roups Run to the board race game

As a warm-up routine As mid-class activity As closing activity

Collaborative work







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The competition

Before the annual competition I organize a small contest with my groups so all students have the chance to live the experience. T he winners have the honor to represent their grade at the annual competition.



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To conclude

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Hope you enjoyed!

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