Four Step Critique Presentation

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Scene 1 (0s)

. . . . . . . . . Four Presg By p. . . . . . . . .

Scene 2 (18s)

. . Christina’s World. Artist: Andrew Wyeth. Date: 1948.

Scene 3 (28s)

. . Description. In this art piece the colors are more dull and earth toned. There is a woman laying on the ground looking towards the direction of the buildings. She is laying in a field of high grass by herself. The woman is wearing a pink dress and she appears to be tense. She is reaching in the air towards the buildings. The sky looks overcast and has a hazy gray color and the colors of the buildings are a dull gray color as well. The girl is very distant from the buildings. The grass appears to be dry. The woman’s body is also propped up by her arms..

Scene 4 (57s)

. . Analysis. . Wyeth used tertiary colors and earth tones. He used visual texture to give the appearance of real grass and he also used texture for her hair. The females dress is also the lightest color in the painting, giving her the main focus. Her dress contains value and has a bit of shading on the dress. The woman also is the largest object in this perspective. The building is in the right hand corner and is far in the distance. This painting is asymmetrical. There also is implied lines in what direction the woman is looking. The colors are very unified in this painting..

Scene 5 (1m 26s)

. . Interpretation. . This art piece gives me a sense of loneliness. There is nobody else, but the girl in this painting and the buildings seem out of reach. I interpret that she’s stuck and can’t move. Similarly to when you’re running in place in a dream. It seems that she is the only person in this world. From the title of the art piece, I interpret that this is all happening in Christina’s mind..

Scene 6 (1m 48s)

. . Judgment. . I do think that this art piece is very successful in making the viewer feel like they are in that moment. I like the way that Wyeth has created this reality because its a very unique perspective and we can see a different reality in a new light. I thought Wyeth did an exceptional job at choosing the layout and colors it really does create a somber and gloomy mood. Wyeth also successfully expressed feelings of loneliness. Not only did he use emotionalism, but he also used imitationalism. This piece can imitate the real world and what goes on in someone’s mind..