ENTO Mobiles Aspire to Inspire Before Expire

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ENTO Mobiles Aspire to Inspire Before Expire

Presentation from Group-I. Busi 1602 Global Business and Sustainability BY Adil RASHEED- 001136779 Mobashera Saira Zahed -  001145228 Maulesh Ashish Bhatt- 001134815 Madhusudan Kankanampati- 001138852 Darshith roy basala - 001119243

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ENTO Mobiles is a smart phone company which is focused on producing and selling flagship smartphones. The Name "ENTO" mean within. Growth strategy chosen by the company market development Our primary vision is to become the leading smartphone company by producing high quality products.

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Scene 3 (1m 20s)

Competitive Strategy CEO ADIL RASHEED- 001136779

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Organizational structure and Visions CEO ADIL RASHEED- 001136779

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Geographic structure: The structure allows for each country office to operate as its own entity based on where it's located. Hence, this gives opportunities to respond best to local needs. However, management positions are duplicated, and resources are used less efficiently. Visions: Leading Designer Highly reliable Creating Great Products

Scene 5 (3m 40s)

Justification of Market Choice CEO ADIL RASHEED- 001136779

Head Quarters – Belgium Belgium is an international center in a central location. So it makes easy for shipment purpose. The cost of your organization decrease by 20%. It also makes easy for the company to import raw materials and services needed for manufacturing purposes. It reduces the shipment cost by 20%

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Scene 6 (4m 31s)

Management focus

CSR The managers will focus on reducing the company carbon footprint. This will be good for the environment as well as for our company's image. Market analysis Focusing on data quality will allow us to better analyze the markets and the competitors. The names of our competitors will become visible in the Analysis / Market section so we all know which competitors are active in the different segments. Global Marketing The management delves into the aspects of global marketing communication. This attention will strengthen the effectiveness of the global marketing communication.


Scene 7 (5m 18s)

HUman Resources Department

Darshith Roy Basala-001119243

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HR-  Darshith Roy Basala-001119243

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HR- Darshith Roy Basala-001119243

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HR- Darshith Roy Basala-001119243

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Scene 11 (10m 17s)

Finance- MAULESH ASHISH BHATT- 001134815

Introduction: Finance department plays a crucial role in development of the company apart from that there are many other factors on which finance department must look on it like risk management and return on investment. Finance department is very much helpful in knowing the position of business

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Balance sheet

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In the 2020-2021 the progress was good, and we were doing the business in profits. We kept on entering new countries every year, so the expenses rose which resulted in continuous loss each year. in 2020-2021 we did business in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium we managed to earn profits of around € 6 million.

Scene 14 (12m 3s)


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Cash flow The major expenses carried out in the company were. Bonuses to employers  Research and development Marketing cost  Interest location cost  Cost of externally hired staff

Scene 15 (12m 41s)

Key indicators

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Invested in mentoring program and also created coaching for the better results of the employees. Also the number of employees kept on increasing each year. Arranged mandatory courses for the better efficiency of the staff.

Scene 16 (13m 8s)

Employee financial benefits

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Employees were given about 8.6% bonus if they performed well and managed to achieve targets. We also hired external staff for motivating the staff for better results. Employee bonus:  above target bonus:-  3.6%(including 5%)  on target bonus:- 5% Profit sharing:- 1.7%

Scene 17 (13m 43s)

Marketing- MOBASHERA SAIRA ZAHED-  001145228

Aspire to Inspire Before Expire. Company names and slogans also plays an important role in marketing. Our headquarter is all set by our HR which is in Belgium.

Scene 18 (15m 14s)


SWOT Analysis:

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Scene 19 (16m 54s)


MARKETING STRATEGY: For the developing our campaign we have invested 500K GBP. Now a days Digital marketing also plays a vital role, so we have given equal preferences to E marketing.

Scene 20 (17m 46s)


Digital Marketing

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SEO-(Search Engine Optimization)

Scene 21 (18m 35s)



DISTRIBUTION: IDC-International Delivery Company For a prompt delivery system, we found that IDC has the high efficiency, flexibility and its delivery speed is direct. The delivery company is providing good turnover bonus Reliability is 4 stars

Scene 22 (19m 23s)

Chief Technical Lead-Madhusudan k-001138852

Research and  Development Department  (Technology Updates, Machinery) Maintaining Product Design and Quality Assurance (Outer and Inner Design, Quality, Healthy Relationship and Maintaining Agreements with Manufacturer)  Coordinating with Finance Department for Budgeting and Product price (For seeing help from finance team for finance in new research implementation and fixing prices for the products) Coordinating with HR and other  Departments  for Manpower and smooth flow of firm (Seeking Employees for reducing Workload and supporting firm with R&D Developments)

Scene 23 (20m 42s)


Less Manpower to reduce cost cutting and decrease the cost of Product. Purchased Research Machine worth  12,500,000.00 GBP Increase Effectiveness by 50percent. Means Less Manpower issue will be overcome partially. Budget Invested  21,000,000 GBP for 40 researchers and their ideologies.

Scene 24 (21m 58s)


Budget for Education We Invested 5000GBP for education of Employees All the employees spends 0.25 out of 0.3time for training and personal development programs. Created Coaching program for employees (No extra costs but Increases Workload for 5%) Progress in R&D Percentage of total cost reduction research-29% Reliability research progress- 34% Quality research- 31% Innovation research- 63%

Scene 25 (24m 39s)


Inventory: Demand should be always equal to number of products sold, I.e. inventory stock should be always greater than the demand and should be able to handle the fluctuations caused in demand. We maintained the same through-out our game process. Sometimes we were having more quantity of stock and later we reduced to required amounts.

Scene 26 (26m 26s)


Ento  Mobiles was started to sell premium flagship mobile at best in the price segment. ​ We were not good in making profits but we managed the inventory and the education level of the employees. ​ We also concentrated on employee benefits by giving them good range of additional incomes from profits and target performances. ​ As the interface was quite new and it took time to get habituated to the website. But we boosted ourselves from 26th position to the 8th position over the groups . ​