Gowardhan Borkar

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Scene 1 (0s)

Gowardhan Borkar. It was not possible for me to grow as person without your mentorship. Although I’m happy about your new challenges ahead, your absence will certainly be felt. I wish you the very best in your future..

Scene 2 (14s)

Shubhashish Chakrabarty. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the last couple of years. Having you as my North Star, I learnt so much about being true Amazonian!!! In You, I really witnessed passion and conviction play out at its very best. I am super happy as you step in to a large role and become an example of success for so many of us!!! Wish you all the Very Best Aravind!!!..

Scene 3 (35s)

Vinayak Deshpande. It was wonderful working with you Aravind. You are THE LEADER I look up to, thank you so much in help me establish well in Amazon and always being available when needed. I will certainly miss '' Hi Buddy, How are you" message of yours and will always be looking for it. All the very best Aravind and will meet again soon.

Scene 4 (55s)

Abhay Vasishtha. The best leader one could ask for - always raising the bar and working customer backwards, a true Amazonian! All the best for the new role and It's always Day 1!.

Scene 5 (1m 8s)

Deepak Mittal. Throughout the time working together you have inspired me, challenged me & taught me so much. Your positive spirit is contagious to me and certainly made me enjoy working with you. While I say this, excited about your next stint soon..

Scene 6 (1m 23s)

Anish Chennamraj. Thank you Aravind, for the great sense of direction. Really appreciate the opportunities provided that have helped me scale up the way I have today. You will surely be missed.

Scene 7 (1m 36s)

Kuldip Dhole. Loved the way you always try and motivate the team, focus on empathy and yet bring in a great sense of ownership towards work. Inspired with your leadership style and the way to lead the team. Your energy is next to none and we are all in awe of the same.All the very best Aravind for your future stint and further growth in Amazon..

Scene 8 (1m 56s)

Vrinda Hegde. Thank You, Aravind for your mentoring and guidance which took AMZL to new heights! Your emphasis on an Associate forward approach in our HR methodology has set new standards for Associate experience at AMZL stations. Wishing you a lot of success in the new role :D.

Scene 9 (2m 13s)

Juned Khan. Hii Aravind, It was an honor not only privilege to work with you and thank you so much for all those opportunities which you provided me to move big rocks in AMZL with your super guidance and support. And thanks for being rock solid, caring & inspiring Leader. My best wishes for your new assignment… :).

Scene 10 (2m 31s)

Ruchir Khare. Thank you sir for extending all the support during my initial days. I have learnt a lot under your leadership. Wish you. All the Best for your new assignment..

Scene 11 (2m 44s)

Harshit Loya. Having heard so much about you, I regret missing an opportunity for a one on one interaction. Best of Luck for your future endeavors!.

Scene 12 (2m 55s)

Vipul Puri. Thank you for the warm welcome and support during my initial days. All the very best for your new role. Regret missing out on an opportunity to work with you directly.

Scene 13 (3m 8s)

Basant Sharma. Best wishes for the new role, Sir. It was great learning experience working with you. Your eye for detail, high focus on employee experience and Compliance is truly inspiring..

Scene 14 (3m 22s)

VS Vignesh. Thank you for being our Leader and role model. I would like to express my profound gratitude for the invaluable learning that I have gained during our limited interactions. Your leadership skills made you the perfect person to manage our team, which is geographically spread across multiple locations. I’m proud to have learned some of those skills from your exemplary thought processes, especially during our recent discussions on De-hiring, Playbook review. Thank you for your guidance. Best wishes for a fruitful journey ahead in your next assignment!!.

Scene 15 (3m 47s)

GM Karunakar. Thank you Aravind Sir for the guidance and support all the times. I have learned a lot of things from your guidance, It was a great experience to work with you! Thank you so muchhhh and Wish you all the very very best for your new role Sir!.

Scene 16 (4m 3s)

Shubhangi Mokashi. We have got opportunity to work on very insightful projects under your leadership. Thanks a lot and all the best for your new role!.

Scene 17 (4m 14s)

Mayur Ingle. Thankyou Aravind for your support you extended to me , Have learnt a lot in your guidance , wish you all the luck for your new role.

Scene 18 (4m 26s)

Praveen Kumar. Thank you, Aravind for your mentoring and guidance which took AMZL to new heights! We have learned a lot of things from you and it was a great journey with your leadership. I wish you all the best for your new role..

Scene 19 (4m 41s)

Chandan Pant. Thank you Aravind for the guidance and support. Its been wonderful working along with you. Wish you all the best for new role.