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Audio Recording.m4a. Fairmont hotel. ACCOMMODATION SERVICES Presented by - Reuben Mathew Poothra (4410218) Yashuka (4392166) Siddharth Kumar (4391170).

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Audio Recording.m4a. Fairmont hotel. One of the leading luxury hotel brands Operation across 26 countries The Fairmont hotels have attained a grand title because of their loyalty towards their guests. Most of the properties of Fairmont hotels are big-city heritage hotels.

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Audio Recording.m4a. Fairmont hotel. This hotel is best known for its own brands of upscale willow stream spas and on-property spas. The Fairmont hotel aligns with the green initiatives. It has recycling and sustainability programs in resort itself to maintain the ecological balance..

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Audio Recording.m4a. Accommodation services. The unique architecture and expressive décor of Fairmont hotels makes the accommodation services even more lively and comfy. The Fairmont hotels provide great and comfortable stays with great deals. It provides numerous discount coupons to its regular visiting guests..

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Recorded Sound. Examples of resilience – social. The Fairmont hotel takes the well-being of their guests and employees to paramount importance. The Fairmont hotel has partnered up with the top experts in order to implement new standards of safety and enhanced operational protocols during Covid-19 pandemic..

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Recorded Sound. Examples of resilience – social. The implemented protocols and standards of safety have been checked time and again to ensure their maximum efficacy in preventing the spread of viruses and pathogens. The Fairmont hotel has ensured social-distancing, handwashing and consistent use of sanitizer..

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Recorded Sound. Examples of resilience – ecological.

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Recorded Sound. Examples of resilience – economic.

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Audio 4. Chosen sustainability and resilience model.

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Audio 2. Implementation of global sustainability model.

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Audio 4. How Fairmont hotel showcased resilience during the pandemic?.

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Audio 4. REFERENCES. Fairmont - Miramar. (2019, December 25). Stay well... Covid-19health and safety protocols. Retrieved from Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bunglows : http://www.fairmont-miramar.com Harrison, K. T. (2019, April 19). Fairmont hotels & resorts luxury travel brand. Retrieved from Tripsavvy - VACATION LIKE A PRO: http://www.tripsavvy.com Oxford Economics. (2021, October 15). Global Sustainability Model (GSM). Retrieved from Oxford Economics: http://www.oxfordeconomics.com.

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Audio 3. Thank you.