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Growth by Franchising

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Franchise Industry - India

$50 Billion Industry $100 Billion Industry by 2024 30%-35% - YOY Growth 2 nd Largest Franchise Market Next to USA 4600 Active Franchisers 170K Franchisees 200K Franchise Units

Brands Break Up % Regional Brands Global Brands National Brands 0.5 0.16000000000000011 0.34000000000000036



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Indian F&B Industry

Rs 4.23 Lakh Crore in 2018-19 Rs 6 Lakh Crore by 2022-23 Organized 35% & Unorganized 65% 7.3 Million Workforce 2.4 Million Businesses

35% of Franchise Concepts are F&B Brands Rs 5 – 10 Lakh is the initial investment level for 50% percent of franchisees 60% of units are FOFO 60% Single Unit – 40% Multi Units



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Franchise Development Partner


Corporate & Event Caterers

Cloud / Dark Kitchen

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Franchising Advantage

Increase in organized & compliant businesses Increased choice for users Higher Success Rate for Entrepreneurs (85% success rate vis a vis 90% failure in self start up) Increased benefits for workforce Users benefit on – Quality, Availability, Assortment, Affordability

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Covid19 - Pandemic


30-40% f&b units may permanently shut down Dine-In business will take time to recover 30-40% work force in f&b being unemployed / Job losses across industries Fear to invest in new f&b business


Existing small business owners may explore franchising to utilize real estate & equipments Brands look to grow through cloud kitchen may opt for franchising Unemployed professionals may explore entrepreneurship thru franchising New investors / entrepreneurs may choose to franchise successful f&b concepts

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The Zomato Advantage

“Brand” strength 100K + Restaurant Partners & 1000 + f@w partners in India User Base - 70M Monthly Tech Capability f@w Team’s Competency

Aggregate & Connect F&B Brands with Want to be Entrepreneurs

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Our Role – F&B Brands

Work with Brand Owners to develop a sustainable franchise business model comprising: Business Structure Single Unit Franchise Master Franchise Multi Unit Franchise Operating Model Franchise Owned & Franchise Operated Franchise Owned & Company Operated Operating Format Store Size (Mini / Express, Medium & Large Format) Store Type (High Street, Mall, Neighbourhood, Dark Kitchen, etc..) Investment Requirements

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Our Role – F&B Brands

Franchise Development Document Revenue Model Sales Royalty Cost Plus Franchising Term Franchisee ROI Franchise Territory Segregation Franchise Operation System Development Franchise Marketing Franchisee Prospecting Franchisee Closure Franchisee Real Estate Identification (Optional)

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Registration Fees Franchise Model Development Fees Franchise Promotion Fees Success Fees (Unit Conversion) O2 Commission & Zomato Kitchen (New units) Opportunity for Hyperpure (since we develop franchise model, we have more opportunity to include Hyperpure for Procurement & Supply Chain) SAAS (Recurring)

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Revenue - Franchisee

Market Scope

Franchisee Registration Fees:- Competition charges Between Rs 30k – 80k 1 year term Business Size <20 Lacs to >2 Crs Success Fee on sign up:- Competition charges 25k – 1Lac or 25% of Franchisee Fee or 3%-5% of Project cost

Zomato Scope

Registration Fees: 25K Individuals/Yr X Rs 10K = Rs 25 Crs Success Fees @ 80% success Rate: 20K Sign up Units/Yr X Rs 50K (Avg. Success Fee) = Rs 100 Crs

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Revenue – Franchisor

Market Scope

Franchisee Development Fees:- Competition charges Between Rs 1 Lac – 10 Lac 1 year term Project Cost <20 Lacs to >2 Crs Success Fee on Franchisee sign up:- Competition charges 25k – 1Lac or 25% of Franchisee Fee or 3%-5% of Project cost

Zomato Scope

Registration Fees: 1K Brands/Yr X Rs 50K = Rs 5 Crs Success Fees: 20K Sign up Units/Yr X Rs 50K (Avg. Success Fee) = Rs 100 Crs

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