Exploring the Ocean World

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Celebrating World Oceans Day | British Council Sri Lanka

Exploring the Ocean World

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50 mind-blowing facts about our oceans & marine life – Marine Madness

The Earth is covered with 70% of water. Earth contains 5 oceans…… Pacific ocean , Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean , Arctic ocean and Southern ocean(Antarctic ocean) Together they all make one big ocean

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Printable map of continents and oceans powerpoint- SlideEgg

Oceans of the world

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The Arctic ocean is the coldest ocean. The Pacific is the largest ocean covering 30% of he Earth’s surface.

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Why Is the Ocean Blue and Sometimes Green?

How is a sea different from an ocean?

A sea is a vast mass of salty water partly or fully enclosed by land. Thus a sea is a part of the ocean.

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Sea of Thieves pirates can unlock a fancy Battletoads ship set from tomorrow • Eurogamer.net

Do you know who pirates were?

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PIRATE SIMULATOR 2018! (Sea of Thieves) - YouTube

Pirates were robbers who not only attacked ships and also cities located near the seas and demanded money, cargo and all that was in captain’s safe or locker.

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Free photo Treasure Galleon Pirate Pirates Ship Sea Sailing - Max Pixel

Edward Teach (popularly known as the Black Beard)was the most notorious English pirate in the Caribbean sea.

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Under the Sea Water Animals | ... 1000 amazing marine creatures at the SEA LIFE Weymouth Adventu… | Ocean animals pictures, Underwater animals, Under the sea images

Sea animals

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Tropical Ocean, Sea Creatures Mini Poster - PopArtUK

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decalmile Under the Sea Animals Alphabet ABC Wall Decals Whale Shark Fish Kids Wall Stickers Baby Nursery Childrens Bedroom Classroom Wall Decor: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home