Abu Hasan PhD Marketing Faculty of Business, Law and Politics

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Abu Hasan PhD Marketing Faculty of Business, Law and Politics.

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abstract. Aims and objectives. To make the success of the business it is most important to have a better way of change management. To make the implementation plan it is most important to have change management. To developed block chain the change management required that make the better way of the development in the business. To make the development into a business it is most important to have the efficient role of the employee and even the supervisors..

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Methodology. Research approach is considered the Research philosophy. Deductive approach is considered and positivism philosophy, to make better understanding about the nature of work. Secondary qualitative data are collected from different websites and journals to find the answers of research questions..

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abstract. Methodology. Researchers have followed the random sampling method make the technical development of the data. The random sampling The questionnaire and the responses the authentic data collection..

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Research Integrity Presentations. C onclusion My research has faced some issues on the understanding of the sequential order of the research work. There are various three ethical issues that are, informed consent, not doing the harm and the respect for the certain research work and its anatomy..

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