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English Tips

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there is a lot of people there are a lot of people which one is correct both are correct but in linguistics there are two types of grammar one is called prescriptve and the other one is called descriptive prescriptve is described what is grammaticlly correct which is there are a lot of people coz people is plural group of persons discriptive grammar is what is acceptable,in spoken English you can hear native speakers all the time saying there is a lot of people in the park so it all depends whether we are speaking English or if you writing a paper then you need to follow prescriptive grammar

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weak week meet meat read red right write where were four for two to bye buy

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Dowry marriage settlement Bribe give someone a backhander Fine Financial penalty Tax government services money share Salary -wage Employee and employee remuneration Fee/Fees for school or somthing alike Loan bank advance money with interest Pension retired payment through thick and thin bad and good times

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to stop at nothing to do anything to achive a goal death/dead/died noun/adjective/verb me too so do i likewise ditto same here i calls em like i sees em what's in heart is on tongue quit leave or let go

Scene 6 (1m 20s)

quite realy deeply quiet silent serendipity unexpected good luck vice versa in reverse blond male blonde female fallacy saying the world is flat is a fallacy wrong conformist copyholder

Scene 7 (1m 32s)


dont sass me dont answer me in a rued way I was today years old just now the end justifies the means doing whatever to reach your target keep your shirt on be patient there is no telling it is hard to know kill 2 birds with one stone doing 2 things by one action what goes around comes around karma birds of a feather flock together Like are attracted the school of hard knocks got it in a hard way from life

Scene 8 (1m 57s)

actions speak louder than words do more than talk to err is human we are humans we can do mistakes it is a kick in the teeth setback/disappointment it slipped my mind i didnt remember /forget it i know i wronged you how to apologize to someone you hurt deeply to catch on to understand mixed up confused in hand under control

Scene 9 (2m 18s)

it is fair and square it is honest up for it ready and want to do it dont dawdle do not hesitate dont flatter yourself not as important, good etc as they think join the club same is here /same situation bear in mind put in mind /consider it part and parcel of a mian part of somthing you do the same you too

Scene 10 (2m 38s)

you as well you too same to you you too likewise you too wet blanket a person who spoils other people's fun by failing to join in with or by disapproving of their activities. i am in hot water i am in trouble miss the boat it is too late it is not rocket scince it is not difficult so far so good things are going well easy does it slow down

Scene 11 (3m 1s)

i rest my case that is all i have to say at a loss for words no enough words to describe it dont twist my words dont play my words the way you want the door is ajar the door is opened from soup to nuts from the bigining to the end to see eye to eye to havesimilar views as someone else out of sorts not feeling well couch potato lazy

Scene 12 (3m 23s)

copycat someone who copies others style behaviour and so speak out express one's feelings or opinions frankly and publicly i am off i am leaving get the axe fired from job carrot and stick bad cop good cop i am a loss confused dont sweat it dont worry i am stuffed not hungry /full

Scene 13 (3m 41s)

made of sterner stuff strong personality in good faith good intention day in day out day after day

Scene 14 (3m 50s)

Basic Advanced

ask inquire buy purchase anyway nevertheless need require get obtain job occupation live reside seem appear

Scene 15 (4m 0s)

tell inform help assist bad negative think consider let permit i dont understand it i dont get it i am listining to you i am all ears i will give it a try i will give it a shot

Scene 16 (4m 14s)

slang terms

ASAP as soon as possible POV point of view IMO in my opinion NGL not gonna lie NSFW not safe for work IYKYK if you know you know FB Facebook IG instagram

Scene 17 (4m 28s)

DM direct message FYI for your information BRB be right back BTW by the way IDK i dont know LMK let me know G2G got to go CUL see you later

Scene 18 (4m 40s)

F2F face to face Gr8 great HAND have a nice day FYEO for your eyes only ROFL rolling on the floor laughing WYD what are you doing