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We have used sustainability as our medium for this project. We feel there shouldn't be a less moral or ethical impact on the environment and ultimately to our mother earth, while advocating for a “Theory Of Change” for the betterment of lives. Cooperation and understanding between the members of the society and between the company and the costumers is essential for a happy, healthy and productive community.

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SOLAR WINDOWS ( solar powered windows) This would contribute to the environmental pillar of the SDGs by: More customer-friendly , cost-effective, environmentally sustainable

HOW DO THEY WORK? The sunlight that passes through a building's windows not only lights the interior of the building but also transmits a solar energy through the glass.

Traditionally solar panels were installed on the roof of buildings but now due to advanced technology we can replace them with transparent solar panel windows.

Several energy technology companies are working to develop solar windows, systems that will convert that solar energy to electricity, thereby serving the building's energy needs at the same time that its cooling needs are reduced.

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Sources: See-Thru Solar: These Transparent Solar Windows Generate Electricity (costofsolar.com)

Sources: See-Thru Solar: These Transparent Solar Windows Generate Electricity (costofsolar.com)

Energy management

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Our next idea is community farms!

Owing to one among the pillars of the SDGs- ”The Social and Environmental pillar” , which is something the UAE has always strived to achieve .

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Community farms(DSO) is an initiative to inspire working together and producing more locally grown vegetables ,which can then be pooled once fully grown.

This sustainable yet not so popular measure by the DSO authorities is a measure to be leading by example. It could gain more wider awareness once the Eltizam community starts following .


Instead of the harvest being pooled by the tenants and others living in the community alone, it could also be shared among the societal workers of the community, thus building more bond between the workers and the tenants by forming an understanding among them about the betterment of the community.

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Urban Farm vs. Community Garden: What's the difference? - Small Axe Peppers

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#Assigning small plots for each group of people.

Source: https://smallaxepeppers.com/2019/07/02/urban-farm-vs-community-garden-whats-the-difference/

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Kids and youth :

Play dates (do not require any external help. Engages the teens and elderly citizens too.) Competitions (will nurture their talents and help them try more things within their comfort.) Reading programs (do not require any external help. Engages the teens and elderly citizens too.) Coding camps (may require some external help, but affordable.) Free group sessions (do not require external help and will provide them with opportunities to learn new things.) Dates with grandparents (do not require external help. Will engage both the youth and elderly.) Baby sitting (do not require any external help.)


We have produced some activities, for all ages. Something that will engage every customer. To help us get higher online ratings, retain and have overall happy customers. The activities are very affordable and sustainable thus satisfying the economic and social pillars :

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Adults and Senior Citizens :

Talking sessions (do not require external help. Engages teens and kids too.) 2. Baby sitting (do not require external help. Engages kids and frees parents.) 3. Calming activities- yoga, art sessions , Walks etc. (Children can be taken care of by teens or elderly during this time, therefore engaging all generations.) General: 1. Libraries 2. Kitchen garden spaces 3. Mini animal sanctuary 4. Cultural programs 5. Clubs- sports/ art/ meditation/ gaming/ communicative/ debates/ drama/ dance/ singing etc. (low-cost activities with high productivity. )