RADON element

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Petri Dish. RADON element. Noble GAS By: Mathaq alhaaj.

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Science Lab. u. USES. Radioactive polonium and alpha particles are generated as radon decays. Radon is beneficial in the treatment of cancer owing to the radiation it generates. In certain institutions, radon was primarily used to treat tumors by confining the gas in small tubes and implanting them inside the diseased area. Nowadays, alternative, better treatments are employed more consistently..

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Natural ABUNDANCE. The decomposition of the radioactive isotope radium-226, that is prevalent in rocks, inherently generates radon. Originally the gas was identified to be generated from the decay of radium. The Earth's atmosphere contains a significant amount the element..

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Formula. ROLE.. It is presumed that Radon might have had an important part in evolution. This is owed to the fact that it emits a substantial chunk of the background radiation on Earth, that might lead to evolutionary mutations..

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