EEL222-Signals and Systems

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Scene 1 (0s)

EEL222-Signals and Systems

By Sravani Parvathareddy

Scene 2 (1m 5s)

Unit-1 Basic signals and functions

Continuous time signals , complex exponential, step function, impulse , continuous-time , feedback , linear time-invariance , linearity, superposition

Scene 3 (6m 5s)

Unit 2 Convolution

Definition, LTI systems, properties , filtering

Scene 4 (6m 11s)

Unit 3 Fourier theory

Continuous-time Fourier, properties , Fourier series and transform, convolution in frequency domain

Scene 5 (6m 20s)

Unit 4 Laplace Transform

System representation in differential equations , Laplace Transform, Applications of Laplace, relation to Fourier, stability

Scene 6 (6m 30s)

Unit 5 Basic Filters

Butterworth, Chebyshev , Elliptical

Scene 7 (6m 37s)

Unit 6 Modulation

Continuous-time, amplitude modulation

Scene 8 (6m 44s)


Design and simulations in MATLAB