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Edu Code Pitch Adherence Guidelines.

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. IVR Calls Source. IVR - Number - Learner calls dedicated helpline number - +918585858585 Top Educators - Promotes their individual calling numbers to learners Campaign & Ads - Learner calls the helpline numbers received through various campaign & Ads ..

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Educators Refer leads. Scenario 1 - Top Educators promote their individual calling numbers to learners & asks them to call back Unacademy team with that numbers only, for any query or concern..

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Adv Search Filter 1 - To check Inbound IVR Activity.

Scene 5 (2m 38s)

Educators Refer leads. Lead Details 0 Kailash Paliwal Lead Properties Stage Name TUN Phone Number Batch Group Name Referral Name Educator Referral Code Country Code NR Educator Name NR Educator code New lead score Note PA V2 Task Activity Feb 2022 23 Activity History All Time 2022-2-23 LesdSqu•redéeneric Basera UPSC CSE - GS SUMITIO Inbound IVR Activity Activity 'is—Lay Number Start time Cal Ovation Email l' Cal Status Re:epti— Raw Call Status Custom—14 Added by System 0.'23 Feb 2022 AM.

Scene 6 (3m 2s)

Scenario 2 - Some Educators are also referring learners by filling the ‘ Educator referral form’ on LS. An activity gets posted on LS once every time the form is filled.

Scene 7 (4m 2s)

Adv Search Filter 2 - To check Educator Referral Activity.

Scene 8 (4m 15s)

9 Sahar rizvi Junk bushrarizvi7865@gmail.com +XX-xxxxxxxx74 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Disengaged Lead Quality Lead Properties Owner Lead Stage Goal Name TTUN Phone Number Batch Group Name Educator Referral Name Educator Referral Code Country Code Jagatpal Singh Rajput Junk NEET UG Dr. Sakshi Baranwal NEETGURU.

Scene 9 (6m 5s)

Points to Remember. For Educator referred IVR leads or Educator Referral through Referral form submission, it is mandatory to check if the learner is aware of the educator code, reconfirm/ provide the code on call. RA will be marked in quality audits if this is missed by BDEs Educator name & code for IVR lead is available under lead properties section & Activity History>>Inbound IVR Activity>>Custom 14 field to be checked Educator name & code for leads refered through ‘Educator referral form submission’ is now made available under Lead Properties section, this is introduced from May’2022 also if BDE find the Lead Properties field blank then, they have to check the Activity History tab & select an activity “ Educator Referral ” Incase there are multiple ‘Educator referral forms’ filled by educators then, BDE must refer the latest submitted Educator referral form only, to communicate the referral code to learners. under lead properties the latest educator code would be updated Before promoting any sales code like UNA10, BDE must always check is learner has any other promotional code. If any lead has both IVR Educator referral and referral form filled by a different educator then promoting/providing IVR educator code should be the priority because learner has called on IVR While we pitch we give 1 st Preferance to IVR Educator code Vs Educator referral form, still the final decision will be left to the learner as which code the he/she wants to use while making the payment.

Scene 10 (8m 58s)

THANK YOU! Here’s to a cracking journey ahead!. unacademy.