Get to know our Early Careers Finance Colleagues!

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Scene 1 (0s)

A picture containing tree, outdoor, person, plant Description automatically generated

Casey Granberg

Hiking in the Smoky Mountains!

Scene 2 (10s)

Samuel Hawkins

A person playing golf Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Scene 3 (19s)

Kelsey Wang

A person sitting on the ground Description automatically generated with low confidence

Visiting Mount Wilson, New South Wales, Australia for the maples!

Scene 4 (31s)

Brett Glennon

Scene 5 (38s)

Mike Chapman

Scene 6 (45s)

Mark Carter


Just after finishing London Marathon in 2019 – well done Mark!

Scene 7 (55s)

Michaela Peterson

A picture containing outdoor Description automatically generated

Enjoying the architecture in Portland, Oregon!

Scene 8 (1m 5s)

Pawin Pokinasasikorn

Making music and enjoying the sunrise at the top of Mulayit Mountain in Myanmar!

Scene 9 (1m 15s)

Anni Wang

Zermatt Switzehiåhd rgen. o

Scene 10 (1m 23s)

Ryan Li

Travelling in New Zealand!

Scene 11 (1m 32s)

Kawthar Hashem

Took up pottery in her spare time!

Scene 12 (1m 40s)

Fajrina Fuad

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Scene 13 (1m 48s)

Jia Yong Lee

Fort Canning Park, Singapo August, 201

Scene 14 (1m 56s)

Zi Lin Neo

A picture containing grass, sky, outdoor, building Description automatically generated

Enjoying Cambodia in 2019!

Scene 16 (2m 14s)

Julianna Dodd

Scene 17 (2m 21s)

Caleb Damon

Enjoying some disc golf and fishing…but not at the same time!

Scene 18 (2m 31s)

Martha Perez

Scene 19 (2m 38s)

Triya Bhoola

Enjoying the sights in Athens!

Scene 20 (2m 46s)

Julie Reilly

With her horse Beanie!

Scene 21 (2m 55s)

Drew Collins


With his brother at House on the Rock in Wisconsin!

Scene 22 (3m 4s)

Dean Halley

Hiking around Coumshingaun Lake in Ireland!

Scene 23 (3m 13s)

Matheus Capellari

Volunteering with Kerry’s local charitable project (Human Ingredient) and catching some waves!

Scene 24 (3m 23s)

Rajnish Tripathi

Exploring Singapore after BPC training!

Scene 25 (3m 32s)

Jessica Figueroa

Has been playing table tennis since she was 10!

Scene 26 (3m 41s)

Henrique Policarpo

01 VI.-.--z

With his basketball team – he is #23!

Scene 27 (3m 50s)

Ian Brown

Is a water sports fanatic!

Scene 28 (3m 58s)

Mariah Sprain

Loves Kayaking and volunteering with at a local cat shelter in Wisconsin with Pewter the cat!

Scene 29 (4m 9s)

Grace Tiffany Bergado

Enjoying a vacation in Bali!

Scene 30 (4m 17s)

Yeh Yee Low

Pengger Pinus Forest, Yogyakarta in Indonesia!

Scene 31 (4m 26s)

Lourdes Ruiz

Practising Taekwondo in her spare time!

Disciplina y coraje

Scene 32 (4m 35s)

Thomas Smith

Climbing Mount Brandon in Kerry last summer!

Scene 33 (4m 44s)

Jamie Marie Behan

Jamie is heavily involved with her local GAA club St. Kevin’s in Kildare!

Scene 34 (4m 54s)

Matteo Guarnieri

Visiting Kylemore Abbey, Connemara last summer!

Scene 35 (5m 3s)

Karen Montemayor

Scene 36 (5m 10s)

Adam Banks

Travelling in Thailand and practising Muay Thai

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Scene 37 (5m 21s)

Darragh Tyrrell

Hiking in Glenhead

Scene 38 (5m 29s)

Jordan O’Neill

Discovering new walkways along the River Shannon!

Scene 39 (5m 37s)

Ashleigh Foster

Scene 40 (5m 44s)

Jastina Zhang

Scene 41 (5m 52s)

Emma McCarthy


Enjoying the views in Pura Vida!

Scene 42 (6m 0s)

Jenson Li

Exploring Shanghai Disneyland!