Do's & Don'ts for Virtual Calls

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Do’s & Don’ts for Virtual Calls

Do's Don'ts

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Proper Precall planning, Fix the appointment in advance Reminders – a day before, two hours before and 30 mins before Sharing the link along with meeting objective at least 1 or 2 days before Joining the meeting 5-10 minutes before to check everything in place Ready with proper equipment Laptop/ Tab or Mobile with good internet/ Wi-Fi connectivity Eliminate distractions by keeping your background as free from clutter as possible. Do have a meeting agenda or brand detailing sheet Presentation content should be very appealing less text more visuals, data in the form of charts Acknowledge and appreciate customers business and his growth story Send thanksgiving message/mail on the same day with MOM Complete the calls in stipulated time Follow up the mutually agreed actions until the call objective is achieved

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Avoid t ravelling during the video call Don’t turn off video during the call Avoid unprofessional sitting/posture in the video Avoid multitasking Avoid unprofessional attire Don’t deviate meeting from the actual topic Don’t talk more than customer Don’t talk so fast Avoid Eating/Drinking during the call Don’t Forget to thank at the end