Digital Marketing

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Scene 1 (0s)

Digital Marketing

The Impulse Media Agency

Scene 2 (7s)

Digital Marketing Goals

Lead Generation Branding Increase Qualified Traffic Become an Influencer

Scene 3 (15s)

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Creates your Online Entity Improved Conversion Rate / Increase customer Loyalty More cost effective than Traditional Marketing Target the right audience Serves Long-Term Goals Higher Revenues

Scene 4 (28s)

O Awareness Interest Consideration Intent Evaluation Purchase Marketing campaigns and consumer research Events, advertising, tradeshows, blog, webinars, direct mail, viral campaigns, social media, search, media mentions, and more Engagement and introduction to positioning Emails, targeted content, classes, newsletters, and more Product information and specials Automated email campaigns, case studies, free trials, and more Product demos and shopping carts Sales adds to nurture stream Marketing and sales work to prove their product is best Sales transaction is completed

The Marketing Funnel

Scene 5 (51s)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Paid Search Social Media Marketing (SMM) Content Marketing Email Marketing Influencer Marketing

Scene 6 (1m 1s)

Lead Generation

SEO Email Marketing Paid advertising Google Ads Facebook Ads

Scene 7 (1m 9s)


SEO SMM Content Marketing Paid Advertising Google Ads

Scene 8 (1m 16s)

Increased Qualified Traffic

SEO SMM Paid Advertising Google Ads Facebook Ads

Scene 9 (1m 25s)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

ON-Page SEO Keywords Establishment Internal Linking Image Optimization Meta Description OFF-Page SEO Backlinks Blog Initialization

Google Search Console Sitemap Search Analytics Monitor & Manage Google Console Google My Business (FREE) Online Business Entity Local audience to find your business online

Scene 10 (1m 41s)

Competition & Ranking

ˇ ՟ High Competition Low Competition Old Site 3 To 6 Months 1 Month or Less New Site 9 To 6 Months 2 to 4 Months

Scene 11 (1m 53s)

Ignoring Digital Marketing is like Opening a Business but not telling Anyone.

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