Government Polytechnic Bramhapuri

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Government Polytechnic Bramhapuri

Computer Technology

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कंप्यूटर प्रौद्योगिकी विभाग

२००० वर्षा मध्ये ४० च्या क्षमतेने संगणक तंत्रज्ञान विभाग 1996 पासून सुरू करण्यात आला, २०० ९ मध्ये क्षमता पर्यंत ६ ० वाढली. विभागात सुसज्ज प्रयोगशाळा आणि प्रयोगशाळा उपकरणाचा पूर्ण विकास झाला आहे. आमच्या विभागामध्ये शिक्षणाचे आणि शिक्षकेतर कर्मचारी दोन्ही मध्ये चांगले कामकाजाचे वातावरण आहे, ते वेगवेगळ्या जबाबदाऱ्या सांभाळताना एकमेकांना सहकार्य करतात . पास आउट विद्यार्थी छोट्या सॉफ्टवेअर डेव्हलपमेंट किंवा हार्डवेअर मेंटेनन्स कंपनी मध्ये स्वतःचे करियर सुरू करू शकतात. ते प्रोग्रामर, मेंटेनन्स इंजिनियर, विविध क्षेत्रातील हार्डवेअर इंजिनिअर म्हणून देखील काम करू शकतात.

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Logo

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Department of Computer Technology

Computer technology department was started from 1996, with intake of 40,in the year 2009 intake capacity increase to 60. Department is having well equipped laboratories and laboratory equipment are fully utilized. Our department has good working atmosphere both teaching and non teaching staff members go out of the way to cooperate with each other while attending to different responsibilities. Pass out students can start their own carrier in small software development firms or hardware maintenance firms. They can also work as programmer, maintenance engineer, hardware engineer in various sectors and companies .

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Logo

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Saliant Features

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Department Of Computer Technology

To Develop Competent Diploma Computer Engineers by Imparting Knowledge, Skills and Ethical Values.

M1. To provide exposure of latest tools, technologies and updated curriculum. M2. To improve staff and faculty skills by providing trainings. M3. To prepare students for industrial environment by providing industrial visit and expert lectures. M4. To inculcate ethical values and interpersonal skills.



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Faculty Members ( Computer Technology )

LECTURER BE(CSE), M.Tech . ( CSE) Total Experience: 13 Years

I/C HOD BE(CSE), M . Tech(CSE ) Total Experience: 14 Years



Scene 7 (42s)

Faculty Members( Information Technology )

Lecturer BE(CSE), M.Tech (CSE), Ph.D Total Experience: 16 Years

I/C HOD BE(CSE), M.Tech (CSE) Total Experience: 11 Years

Shri. K.U. Koche

Smt. A. A. Raipure

Scene 8 (49s)

Faculty Members( Information Technology )

Lecturer BE(IT), M . Tech(IT ) Total Experience: 4 Years

Lecturer BE(IT), M.Tech (IT) Total Experience: 7 Years

Smt. M. U. Mun

Shri. S. S. Mane

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Online Extra Curricular Activity

Scene 11 (1m 10s)

State Level Online Quiz Competition

O GOVERNME-vr POLVTEC"NIC DtST: 2721 i COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMANT TO Develop Competent Diploma Computer Engineers by Imparting Knowledge, Skills • and Ethical Values. To provide exposure of Latest tools. technologies and updated curriculum. To improve staff and E•culty skills by providing trainings. To prepare students for industrial envircmment by providing industrial visit and expe To inculcate ethical values and interpersonal skills. ORGANIZES THE STATE LEVEL ONLINE QUIZ COMPETITION ON SUBJECT-EMERGING TRENDS IN COMPUTER AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (CODE-22618) FOR Sixth Semester (Final Year) students of Diploma in Computer and Information Technolow On Thursday, 17th June, 2021, (11:00 AM to 02:00 PM)

DETAILS QF ONIINE QUIZ COMPETITION OF quu: ne quiz competition is to evaluate the w*hn as well as beyond academ*s and to make farmlnr With the prosrxcts Of quizzes and the Objectinty Of the The main of the competition is to develop imerest in Trends in Computer and la&.rmation subject including competitive a4•ects FEATURES OF QUIZ: State level online quiz competition for COMPUTER AND CHIEF-PATRON 'tunt Txhnxal Eåxcatio,n Nagpur PATRON Dr. K. PARRAT W. PAWDE P nrripal GP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY subject (code 22618). Quiz contain SO mufti* choice questions Emh question carries I Mark No negative marking Students scorir* more than marks will get certificate within a week on their email. EUC.IBLIIN FOR E. An eligible students of 6th •m«ter of in C.omrmter of Pob•tec-hruc from Mahuashtra SCHEDULE OF QUIZ: 17th June 2021 (Thursday) Time. 11:00AMto 2:00 PM Link for quiz: CONVENER Pro'. S. K. Prof. A. A. Raipure Prof. U. Mun Lecturer in IF G? Bramhapuri hat. K. U. GP Bramhapuri

Scene 12 (1m 17s)

State Level Online Quiz Competition Winners

Government Polytechinc, Gondiya

Government Polytechinc, Arvi

Government Polytechinc, Ahmednagar

Prachi Nandlal Khobragade

Nayana Pralhad Pardhekar

Shrutika Raju Wagh

pot.' e •Certititate

e •Certititate state of TRE' t %

by A I CT E, DTE Affiliatmt by M"ITE GOVE1t.V"E.vr e -Certificate The state level onhne competition conprren TECHNOLOGY DEPAK1'HANr of Govern ment Polytechnic, Arvi ".mful'y æpleted lie State Online Quix on •EMERGING TREM)S IN COMPUTER AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY *4th rkate primi,-ul

Scene 13 (1m 24s)

Yoga Workshop

Government- Polytechnic Bramhapuri COMPUTER DEPARTMENT AND NSS In Association with ART Of LIVING(PAVITRA) organizes AN ONLINE TWO DA O R WOMW "PERSONALITY OG SADHANA— DATE EVENT -22 MAY 2021 TO 12.30 PM Program Contains I.Growth & Nutrition, YOGA ,Meditation, Mudras, Pranayama. 2 Menstrual Health, Hygiene & Happiness 3. Inculcate a sense of confidence, pride and honour in b THE ART Of LIVING female Name of Coordinators: S.K.Kharkate(9422908166) S.l.Bansod(9284788827) Note: 1.Can have light breakfast 2.0nly For Women Dr. Anil W. Pawde I/C Principal GP, Bramhapuri Dr. Dhananjay K. Parbat Vice Principal GP, Bramhapuri Join Whats App group 4RmVTtlqSIK2hLGpvpxd Ms.M.T.Nagdeve NSS,Co-Cordinator GP, Bramhapuri

Scene 14 (1m 31s)

GOVERNMENT ml.YTECHNIC. BRAMHAPURI Computer Information Technology Dept. PRESENTS cHNICAL POSTER MAKING COMPETITION THE L Interyt of Z. IA padofE-kü" 3.Di9ital 4.qber Securiq 5. IA p ad ofDi5&atön THE I. Poster ideashould be original. Z. Full name, roll no, course year be mention on 3. It be handmade and not 4. Certificate {o be awarded {o Grsi two Winnerg SCHEDULE: Registration" last dde: Mon&y, 56 Apri Z OZ! Last ofsu—gion: 76 Afril Z 021 by 05:00 Result dedardion certiGcde distr"on: Z 02-1 Submit YNr poster to ninak00R7egmml.C0M prof. S. K. Y4•arkaie Pr04. A. A. gaipure 9604803576 Event Coorårdor Kunai Kirimkar 777588518b 8834621355 HOD IF S pardhi 8788804106 i

Technical Poster Making Competition

Scene 15 (1m 38s)

Laboratory Infrastructure

Software Testing labs

Hardware Testing labs

Scene 16 (1m 45s)

Laboratory Infrastructure

Internet Labs

Programming and Network Labs

Scene 17 (1m 52s)

Guest Lectures

Automation Testing (Selenium with JAVA)

Cyber Security

Trends in IT, Programming and Database connectivity Embedded System

Python programming

Scene 18 (1m 59s)

Industrial Visit

Industrial visit BSNL Office, Bramhapuri

Industrial Visit at Doordarshan , Bramhapuri

Scene 19 (2m 6s)

Intercollegiate Activity(Lan Gaming)

Scene 20 (2m 13s)

Extra Curricular Activity

Technical Quiz Competition

Teaching Competition

Wall Magazine Competition

Scene 21 (2m 20s)

Industry for Placement

Scene 22 (2m 27s)

Job Opportunities in Computer Science Engineering-CSE after BE- Btech

Video by… Amit Parsai

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— Albert Einstein

“ Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. .”