TLE- Dressmaking 7 WORKSHOP!

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TLE- Dressmaking 7 WORKSHOP!. Here is where your workshop begins.

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Teacher Daniel Dejon.

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Distance Learning VIRTUAL CLASSROOM RULES Find a quiet place Free of distractions (tv, parents, toys, pets, siblings, etc.). Show up in time For class and wait to be admitted into it if needed. 4.

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ÉG Ot. Different Sewing Tools and Equipment.

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Participants (4) Participant 1 (Host, me) Pl • Participant 2 (Guest) Participant 3 Participant 4 (Guest) rticipant 3 Participant 4 Mute Stop Video Security Participants Participant 1 Participant 2 Share Screen Reactions Speaker View More Invite Mute All More v.

Scene 11 (4m 4s)

111,111. A tape measure, or measuring tape is a type of hand tool typically used to measure distance or size..

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When body measurements are accurate, the garments can be fit. A well fitted garment can enhance not only the look of the person but also the personality. The measurement of attire depends on a number of factors, like the style, type ofthe garment and the gender of the customer.

Scene 14 (5m 55s)

Ilow body measurements can be achieved properly: l. Horizontal measurement- taken from the left of the figure to the right. 2. Vertical measurement- taken from the top of the body figure to its base. 3. Circumferential measurement- taken around the body..

Scene 15 (6m 19s)

1. Bust point height or apex height - This is the measure ment from the base of the neck down to the tip of the bust..

Scene 16 (6m 31s)

2. Front Figure -This is the measurement from the center shoulder over the bust waistline level..

Scene 17 (6m 41s)

3. Empire level - measure from the center of the front shoulder over the bust down to the empire level, which is correctly below the bust..

Scene 18 (6m 54s)

4. Crotch or Rise - This is measured by placing a ruler between the legs then measureing below the waist band down to the top of the level of the ruler..

Scene 19 (7m 7s)

5. Skirt length - This measurement is taken from the waistline level down to the desired length of the skirt..

Scene 20 (7m 18s)

6. Shirt length - This is taken from the nape down the center back to the desired length..

Scene 21 (7m 27s)

7. Sleeve length - This measurement is taken from the tip of the shoulder down to the desired length of the sleeve..

Scene 22 (7m 39s)

B. Horizontal Measurements 1. Back chest - This measurement is taken from the (back) armhole..

Scene 23 (7m 50s)

2. Front chest - This is taken from the ( front ) armhole seam to the right ( front armhole seam )..

Scene 24 (8m 1s)

3. Bust distance - This measurement is taken from the first tip of the bust to the other tip..

Scene 25 (8m 10s)

4. Shoulder - This is measurement is taken from the first shoulder to the other shoulder point..

Scene 26 (8m 19s)

C. Circumferential Measurements 1. Bust - This measurement is taken around the fullest part of the bust passing the tip of the nipple..

Scene 27 (8m 34s)

2. Waist - This measurement is taken along the smallest part of the waistline..

Scene 28 (8m 42s)

3. Hipl - This measures 4 inches from the waistline, then proceed measuring around the hip level where the stomach is fullest..

Scene 29 (8m 56s)

4. Hip2 - This measurement is taken from the waistline, measure 8 inches then proceed measuring around the buttocks..

Scene 30 (9m 8s)

5. Armhole - This measures around the circumference of the armpit..

Scene 31 (9m 16s)

6. Wrist - This is taken along the whole circumference of the wrist with two fingers inserted for easing..

Scene 32 (9m 27s)

7. Neck - This measures around the base of the neck with two finger inserted for easing..

Scene 33 (9m 36s)

8. Arm girth - This measurement is taken around the arm..

Scene 34 (9m 44s)

9. Bottom or Hem - This is taken around the fullest part of the bottom..

Scene 35 (9m 52s)

10. Empire circumference - This measurement is taken around the whole circumference of the empire level..

Scene 37 (10m 34s)

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Scene 38 (10m 42s)

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Scene 39 (10m 51s)

Activity 1. Direction:. Identify what type of measurement is observed whether Horizontal, Vertical or Circumferential measurements. You will be given 5 seconds to answer each item..

Scene 40 (11m 16s)

Horizontal Measurements.

Scene 41 (11m 31s)

Vertical Measurements.

Scene 42 (11m 46s)

Circumferential Measurements.

Scene 43 (11m 59s)

Quiz. Direction:. In your paper, draw and label at least three body measurements. A. Vertical B. Horizontal C. Circumferential.

Scene 44 (12m 20s)

Assignment:. Illustrate or draw the following by getting the body measurements of any family member. Do this in your activity notebook . 1. Hips 2. Skirt length 3. Waist 4. Shoulder 5. Armhole.

Scene 45 (12m 48s)