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[Audio] Dear Jai, Today we were at the APMC market to see the actual trade of the fruit and talk to distributors. As you can see from below the market of products coming from Far (Like Lucknow) has moved to Plastic crates as if the cartons are not proper you can see the below photo how the products arrive in market and when products arrive in this fashion they are sold at very low value. Plus, the Crates are opened and put up as display for buyers to buy. Paper as inner packing material as suggested by you is acceptable. Lastly South which has copied the Alphonso mangoes of Ratnagiri has also copied the Dasheri Mangos of North and selling in Mumbai as Novelty. Sure, they do not get the same price as original as the end user can understand from the Taste but they are eating in to the market..

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[Audio] So in a Nut shell the Practices as below: 1. Dasheri Mangoes need to be packed as Green as the transit time is 2- 3 days and normally the buyers at APMC, the whole sellers are ripening (using Ethylene spray) and selling in market. 2. Packing: There are two different types of traders: a. Only Carton packing: They use 5 Kgs and 10 kgs Carton boxes. Both these sizes are your regular sizes as you mentioned so please let me know the exact dimension and the gross weight. b. Only Crate Packing: The Crate 540 mm x 360 mm x 290 mm. If one use then using recycled crates and if returnable then using Virgin crates. The Weight of crates is app 1.6 kgs. plus paper packing material, plus 20 kgs mangoes. Whatever the Gross weight of the crate they reduce by 2 Kgs and that is net weight. 3. Transport: Normally either 7-8 MT in Eicher trucks or 10 MT in regular trucks. 4. Product Category: a. Supreme: Average weight min 300 Gms each. b. Super: Average weight min 250 gms each The buyers normally open few boxes or Crates and check each pc of Mango. The intension is to show if any bad or looks bad or small size so that they can negotiate the price down. But after few rounds once they get the confidence then sealed Carton and crates move. The next steps as below: 1. Finalise the carton sizes and the cost of the cartons for the 5 & 10 kgs and recycled Crates (one use) in Black or Dark Blue or Dark Yellow. The Recycled Carats (New) target prices is app Rs 80 to 125 per crate. You also get Second hand crates at lower price but need to be careful on contamination and breakage. 2. The grading and sorting of the Dasheri fruits is the next key step. You need as discussed get the product to your Factory Veranda and use your present potatoes grading and sorting team to sort the product. 3. For the Trade we suggest to develop a brand say " Uday- Hind" or " Jay- Hind" which will be printed on each carton along with the nutritional facts of Mangoes and a MRP based on say Rs 100 to 150/ Kgs ( we can decide later) So 5 Kgs Carton MRP will be Rs 500 based on Rs 100/ Kg. 4. For the crate packing please have a cardboard cover (with the Brand, MPR etc.) and one or two straps on the crate. 5. Last week May we will give you the price and quantity indication based on which by 1st to 5th June one Eicher load each of Cartons and crates to be delivered to Mumbai APMC. 6. This will be the samples and based on samples sales and feeds back from market we will by end of week 1 June will advise the Price and the quantity and packing needed for next 15 days. 7. Supply to start by 15th June and the price and delivery forecast will be send 7 days in advance for you to plan stock and Packing material. 8. 15th June to 15th July the prices will be higher and then start tapering down..

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[Audio] Points need your comments: 1. Understand that mangoes are still in developing stage but based on your experience kindly let us know the approx bifurcation % for the below 3 grades out of an approx total quantity of 800MT of your farm product: a. +300 Gms b. +250 Gms c. Below 250 Gms 2. Your per day capacity of loading 10mt trucks with grading sorting and packing? The reason for asking is that the demand fluctuates week on week, so it will be good for us to have an idea and you to plan manpower. 3. Average ripening time after the mangoes are plucked. Demand is Green but better to know. 4. We also heard from the market that last year one of the Nawab from Malihabad had approached these buyers and had given samples of premium Dasheri mangoes, in one dozen single layer box packing with each mango netted. It was branded as a premium quality with high price but last year they could not work it due to the pandemic lockdown. Do you know this guy? Date: 13th April 2021 ---------End----------------.