Curriculum Vitae Writing Tips

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Scene 1 (0s)

Curriculum Vitae Writing Tips. Prepared & Submitted by:.

Scene 2 (4s)

Content. What is CV?. Purpose or reasons of writing a CV.

Scene 3 (16s)

What is a CV?. Curriculum Vitae means “Course of Life”.

Scene 4 (28s)

Purpose or reasons of writing CV. First impression in selecting process.

Scene 5 (41s)

Types of CV. Chronological CV. Functional CV. Chrono-Functional or Hybrid CV.

Scene 6 (50s)

Elements of CV. Personal details. Employment history.

Scene 7 (59s)

Factors affecting CV. Structure. Accuracy & completeness of job information.

Scene 8 (1m 11s)

Layout or format of CV. Contact information. Objective.

Scene 9 (1m 21s)

Importance of CV. The most important document during your job hunting.

Scene 10 (1m 34s)