English Curriculum 2022-23

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Scene 1 (0s)

English Curriculum 2022-23. “Development, Communication & Excellence.”.

Scene 2 (25s)

Founding Principle: Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Scene 3 (1m 6s)

Bloom’s Taxonomy in Action. Every student in TCA– in every curriculum area every week– must achieve 3 things: Recall facts and basic concepts. Use information in new situations. Produce new or original work..

Scene 4 (1m 41s)

Creative Writing Journals. Incorporated into lessons every day. Allowing students to utilise English of increasing complexity..

Scene 5 (2m 14s)

Skills Focus 2022.

Scene 6 (2m 59s)

Curriculum Mapping: English 2023. Accelerated Literacy Individual Reading Language Arts Vocabulary Assessment STAR Assessment = Integrated, continuous primary preparation. Dramatic Storytime MyOn Whole Class Reading Guided Reading MyOn Integration Grammar Reading Speaking/Listening Writing RaZ ..

Scene 7 (3m 44s)

MyON Online Library. Curriculum Enhancement.

Scene 8 (3m 55s)

1.myONœfl…œÕº Èπ›–¬ ÷»Î√≈µ⁄“ª≤Ω£∫±‡º≠∏ˆ»À–À»§”Î≤‚∆¿‘ƒ∂¡ÀÆ∆Ω-compressed.mp4.

Scene 9 (7m 32s)

China myON Digital Brochure ENG updated pdf.

Scene 10 (7m 59s)

China myON Digital Brochure_ENG_updated.pdf.

Scene 11 (8m 23s)

STAR Assessments. Art..

Scene 12 (9m 13s)

STAR Assessments. Star Assessments - Overview | Renaissance.pdf.

Scene 13 (9m 25s)

The Child Academy: MyOn and Star Assessment. The same reading platform and assessment system as leading international primary schools, including Nord Anglia. The only kindergarten in Shanghai with MyOn & an exclusive partnership on new features, for example voice recording..

Scene 14 (9m 59s)


Scene 15 (11m 29s)

Accelerated Literacy. Individual Reading Whole Class Reading Guided Reading.

Scene 16 (12m 14s)

Curriculum Mapping: Thematic Curriculum 2023. Music Completed- March 2022. Art Lead Teacher to develop. STEAM Lead Teacher to develop, complimenting Adventure Farm. P.E. English P.E.. Integrated Themes. Integrated Themes. Completion- July 2022. Football Curriculum- Completed. If successful, offer from September 2022. Integrated Themes- Completion July 2022..