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10 Essentials Social Workers Must Know About Hope - SocialWorker.com

“Life, like the seasons and everything else in this world, is a cycle of constant change, and the sooner we accept that, the sooner we can find happiness.” - Rivermaya

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Rivermaya   is a Filipino rock band. Formed in 1994, it is one of several bands who spearheaded the 1990s Philippine alternative rock explosion. Rivermaya is one of the top twenty-five best-selling artists in Philippine history.

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“ Umaaraw , Umuulan ” is a reminder that life isn’t just a smooth sailing sea. We’ll always be ravaged by storms. It sung for the people who is about to give up, to lose hope, and to throw everything away; it reminds us that life is, sometimes, very cruel, and we might one day get the brunt of its cruelty. However, as has been said countless times, life is also ever-changing, and what we have now may not be what we have tomorrow. The upbeat rhythm and humble, hopeful message are enough to get anyone through bad times, and perhaps, change their life for the better. However, no matter how much tragedy one experiences in life, it’s fine to cry and to grieve, but only if the next step you plan to take is one of action, to take charge against a cruel world, and to take your life into your own hands.  “May panahon para maging hari , May panahon para madapa , Dahil ang buhay natin ay sadyang ganyan .”

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“Hindi mo maintindihan kung ba’t ikaw ang napapagtripan ng halik ng kamalasan . Nilakad mong marahan ang hagdanan para lamang makidlatan sa kaitaas-taasan ”— this is first lines of the song. Well, even if your life is already destroyed or broken you must still find a beauty in that. “‘Wag mong pigilan ang pagbuhos ng ulan ”— since challenges are all part of our life, we should accept this as well as we do to the beautiful blessings that we are receiving. In this way we are able to let go of the things that we do not want in our life. "Wag kang maawa sa iyong sarili , isipin na wala ka nang silbi . 'Sang dambuhalang kalokohan . Bukas sisikat rin ang araw ngunit para lang sa may tiyagang maghintay .” that line perfectly encapsulates the best piece of advice you can give to yourself. While everything seems to be all doom and gloom right now, but know that everything will soon pass. We just have to embrace what we facing now and recover from it, step by step.

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I suggest the song “ Umaaraw Umuulan ” by Rivermaya to everyone who loses hope. This song is one of my favorite songs because it is inspirational at the same time an upbeat one. The message of the song is to motivate those people who currently experiencing problems or tragedies in their life. The word “ umaaraw ” is about the times that the wind blows with you. It is like the destiny knows what you wanted. The word “ umuulan ” is all about your downs, the times that almost all of the things that you do not want are hugging you. It is when the gravity is pulling you down to the bottom. The song tells us that problems are already part of our life. If there is happy then there is also sad, black and white, hot and cold and pretty and ugly. The thing is it is already our choice weather we are going to bend or break. Life is a choice between good or bad.

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This song really helps me during this pandemic, because it will give you a life lesson to learn and realize that life is existing, and there is always HOPE. This is also my comfort song when my anxiety and depression attacks, since stress really kills me. I thought life is nonsense, and this pandemic really challenged my behavior, since we can’t go out to see our friends and talk about something to help us calm and be at peace. Some people said that anxiety, depression is not true, and it’s all in our mind only, because they didn’t experience it. They’ll never know how much we struggle to sleep and all we have to do is to overthink. I’m thankful that there is good music every time my anxiety attacks.

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“Life, is constantly changing: it’s seen in the skies, the soil, in people, and the seasons. It can rain today, but tomorrow, the sun can shine brightly again, as if the storm had never come our way.”