V Intel Gaming Summit Speaker Profile Craig Levine submission

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V Intel Gaming Summit Speaker Profile Craig Levine submission.

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Speaker Profile. Speaker Name: Craig Levine Session Title: [enter session title] Speaker’s Title: Co-CEO ESL Gaming Gamer ID: Torbull What was your 1 st video game? Henry’s House What is your game of choice today? Clash Royale If you could name a game of the future what would it be? Esports Tycoon Profile Image Submitted: YES – [file name].

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Bio & Abstract. Speaker Bio Craig Levine is co-CEO at ESL, the world’s largest esports company. In his current role, Levine leads the global business strategy and operations. Previously, Levine served as CEO of North America and Global Chief Strategy Officer, focusing on strategic partnerships and strengthening ESL’s digital platforms and technology to engage fans and players worldwide. Levine has helped pioneer the esports industry for over 20 years. Session Abstract [enter Session Abstract in 50 words or less].