Open House

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Scene 1 (0s)

Name W.P.M.D. WICKRAMANAYAKE CPM 18479 Registration Number MC 90665.

Scene 2 (10s)

Training Organization – Bank of Ceylon BOC is the largest bank in Sri Lanka and holds the leadership position in its assets, deposits, and foreign currency remittances. Bank of Ceylon (BOC) is Sri Lanka’s first state-owned commercial bank and opened in 1939 under Bank of Ceylon Ordinance No. 53 of 1938 . Designation – Internal Audit Trainee at Head Office, Subsidiaries and overseas branches unit. Main Audit Engagements – Premises and Supplies Department Islamic Banking Unit Card Centre.

Scene 3 (57s)

Explanation of the Selected Training Experience. Sampling the loan and leasing facilities as per the ICBS System. Reviewed the security files with the checklist. Recalculate the loan amounts with their profits. Observe the authorization procedure with the guideline of the Bank. Prepared loan wise movement schedule for the period. Verified existence and accuracy of capital payments and interest (profit) payments with bank systems. Checked loan covenants as per the agreements. Finally reviewed the NPA recovery actions IBU have been obtained..

Scene 4 (2m 33s)

Application of the Theoretical Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

Scene 5 (4m 57s)

Key Learning Points. 1. Knowledge gained Apply theoretical knowledge to practical Work Understanding about the industrial world. 2. Skills developed Provide timely services and stress management Communication Skills Information Technology Leadership skills Balancing work life, education and personal life 3. Attitudes/values inculcated Respect for others' opinions Responsibility for own decisions and workings.

Scene 6 (6m 2s)

SWOT Analysis. Strengths Audit experience in overall bank operations . Educational and professional qualifications. Positive thinking and confidence. Weaknesses Stressed when work overloaded. Over thinking. Nervous when presenting ideas to others. Opportunities BOC, ICASL and university provide various resources to learn new things. New updates in technologies. Learn from experienced and expertise people in the field. Threats Negative ideas arising from others. Covid 19 pandemic situation. Work from home concept..

Scene 7 (7m 29s)

Complete the degree Obtain a good job Follower the MASTERS’ degree Get the Law knowledge for the qualification and the living purpose..

Scene 8 (7m 56s)

Thank You....