Welcome to PowerPoint

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Scene 1 (0s)

Welcome to PowerPoint. 5 tips for a simpler way to work.

Scene 2 (8s)

Designer helps you get your point across. Design ideas pane showing different design options.

Scene 3 (25s)

How to use PowerPoint Designer. How it works:. 1.

Scene 4 (53s)

Video showing an example of the Morph feature which can be played or paused using the short-key Alt+P.

Scene 5 (1m 14s)

Setting up Morph. Try it yourself with these two simple “planets”:.

Scene 6 (1m 48s)

Working together in real time. When you share your presentation with others, you’ll see them working with you at the same time. How it works:.

Scene 7 (2m 18s)

You’re an expert with Tell Me. The Tell Me box finds the right command when you need it, so you can save time and focus on your work. Try it:.

Scene 8 (2m 42s)

Explore without leaving your slides. Smart Lookup brings research directly in to PowerPoint. Try it:.

Scene 9 (3m 5s)

More questions about PowerPoint?. Select the Tell Me button and type what you want to know. Visit the PowerPoint team blog Go to free PowerPoint training Give feedback about this tour.