Conclusion on Lenski's Theory

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Conclusion on Lenski’s Theory.

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Summary Of Lenski’s Theory. Gerhard Lenski was a macrosociologist and he studied the sociocultural evolution of different levels of society. The Main ones were Hunters and gatherers, Horticultural, Pastoral, Agricultural, Industrial and post-industrial. He explored how information and technology changed all these different societies and how it changed over the years..

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It all begins with hunters and gathers this society used tools like bows and arrows and harpoons. They used the tools to hunt for their own food. Nowadays you can get fresh pre cut at a butcher or the store thanks to the evolution of technology we don’t need to hunt for our own. Later on we evolved into a pastoral society where we domesticated animals that we once hunted. This makes it easier to not go out and hunt the animals would be more accessible. This society were found in deserts where no fresh produce to grow so they relied on raising animals for food and also clothes. Another society was created in the same time as pastoral they were the horticultural society. They were in a another area of the world where crops were easier to grow. They found out that seeds with a bit of care and patient would turn into crops that were edible..

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Types of Societies | Notes, Videos, QA and Tests | Grade 9>Social Studies>We and Our Community | Kullabs.

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They used tools like hoes and grafting knives. They found an easier way to sustain themselves using some tools. Then we move on to the agricultural society. This is where growing crops were grown by farmers but they now grew for themselves and to sell to others. They began to do this with help of machines like tractors and ploughs. At this time farming was still not mechanized farmers were still needed to tend to the crops but the job was easier with the help. Fast forward some time after we became an industrial and post-industrial society. We started to rely more on machines to grow food and livestock and not just for us but for profifts as well business began to use machines to sell a variety of products. We don't just sell physical product we offer services as well. Post-industrial society highlights the service sector of the society such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, waiters and much more. We have come a long way from hunting with sticks and stones but we had to evolve with the technology and create a better environment for ourselves..