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Ethio Mall provides local, same day & scheduled deliveries in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the possible service expansion to different parts of the region and also to widen our service to neighboring countries (East Africa) in the next phase..

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Our mission is to provide customer-based food delivery service, Delivery service as customers preference of the food, price, payment method and the possible operation in the future. Vision Our vision as a company to serve maximum customer satisfaction and not just only for profit, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction Goal Our goal in the coming six month is to increase the sales order and make an operational profit from customer value proposition as the top brand to be mentioned on the public and to become second best in the market..

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To give priority: Quality customer service (behavior, disciplined drivers & Dispatchers) on-time delivery /punctuality (Fast & Fresh) convenience (variety of food & restaurant, & easy payment method) reasonable price.

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Well-marked, fuel efficient, highly visible and professional delivery vehicles Uniformed drivers with picture ID badge Smart phones with real time data Thermal bags for food delivery to keep the food HOT! On-time courier management software GPS coordinating driver position and route status On-line real-time tracking, dispatching and invoicing Multi line VOIP /IP Telephony.

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C2B - Ethio Mall Delivery embraces innovative technology to better serve our customers directly to the restaurants. Ethio Mall embraces innovative call center, web based and mobile app technology to better serve our customers..

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Food and Beverage (Restaurants, Supermarket, liquor store, Bakery and Pastries) Shops (Flower shop & gift shop) Stores (Electronics, Clothing and Cosmetics) Others (pharmacy, Baltena , Asbeza and more).

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Daily Delivery Fresh Delivery New service feature “ የምሳ እቃ ” Business Mall Concept in to your mobile Why travel to malls while Ethio mall can provide you all Save your time Save your money & energy Why you pay Extra, pay LESS in Kms Fast Delivery Your call at your door advanced tech/ C2B.

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Corporate Price per daily order = price is fixed to the number of orders per day Per day = <5 , > =5 , > =10 , > =15 orders per day Order per month = price is fixed to the number of orders per month Per month = 100 , 150 , 200 orders per month.

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Pizza-Hut-logo-Illustrator-01 - Hackney Empire. Debonairs | President Square.

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Delivery Fees. Super funds coy on Coalition small business investment plan.

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Ethio Mall brings the idea of a commercial business mall into the mobile phone, convenient and advanced ways to use & to become a place where customers can purchase & order (food, medicine, groceries, cosmetics, electronics, gifts, flowers, etc ) other commodities online. We believe customers are inclined towards online shopping because they can exercise convenience, the comfort of their own homes, and the leisure of their own time. We believe Customers of online food delivery value ease and convenience as online food ordering eliminated the frustration of bad traffic or weather..

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The online food delivery services market is growing rapidly in today’s digital market setup, as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the world, this epidemic has also made an impact on our society, influence consumer purchase behaviors & make use of online delivery services. Thus, these let current market trends and forecasts will exhaustively reflect the effects of this emerging pandemic. However, Changes in consumer lifestyles, technological advancements, increases in consumer income and education, and rapid financial development lead to market growth. In a way to gain profit online food delivery is the fastest growing marketing strategy for many businesses..

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convenience, delivery experience, consumer experience, the search of restaurants, quality control, ease-of-use, the listing of decent food were significant precursors of the intention to use the food delivery service system..

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availability of food customer ratings, payment methods human interaction.

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C ustomers who prefer to order from high end C ustomers who prefer healthy foods O ffice workers who have limited lunchtime in a day, demand a “quick and easy” lunch. Residents who have limited food options around & missing their favorite food nearby.

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Payment (cash/ online payment) Order cancelation by customer A constant increase in Fuel price Lack of Trust among the Public Driver’s discipline Customer dissatisfaction / low service quickly.

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Increase Availability of various stores (local food, fast food, high-end restaurants) Increased fleet number Increased distance coverage Reasonable delivery fee Service Availability.

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Website/app design Sufficient information Time taken to order food T rust regarding security The convenience of multiple payments T he convenience of cash on delivery.

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A popular delivery company like Deliver Addis, receive orders only through mobile app and website its target customers are diplomats and employees who are busy have lesser time for lunch. NB. According to a business Info report “Deliver Addis” has $200k monthly transaction value. C urrently (2021gc) the industry worth over an estimated ETB 63 million annually (2500 combined orders delivered daily, average delivery fee 70ETB) The industry is further expected to grow at 12% in the coming five years to a value of almost ETB 4.2 billion by 2026gc. Segmented addressable market (SAM) for the first years is estimated at roughly 3.6 million ETB and our goal is to capture at least 25 percent of our SAM in this time..

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