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COMBAT is a Public Benefit Organization working to create a GBV awareness and prevention campaigns, including a Story Telling and Video Production training Workshops, primarily to all middle school girls, also to their Families and Communities, with a focus on GBV.

Our Mission is to mitigate Gender- Based Violence scourge in an Agile and Cost effective manner, that does not have only a functional, but emotional and social dimension.


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Gender Violence ness and Ition aigns


Story Telling and Video Production training - Combat Workshops for Young Girls in SA

Online Gender Based Violence Awareness and Prevention Campaigns

Access to Justice, Assisting Victims through one day Workshops for Communities

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Transformative Purpose

We recognize the harm caused by Online Gender - Based Violence against Girls and Young Women in South Africa, Stand in solidarity with them and are active bystanders mitigating abuse and amplifying Girl's Voices.

COMBAT comprehensively tackle Online Gender - Based Violence

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COMBAT has developed a sustainable business model, clearly understood its value proposition and built strategic partnerships across its ecosystem.

Leverage Partnerships

The Power of COMBAT lies in its network of strategic partnerships, which in turn provides capacity.

Service Delivery Scale

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COMBAT has partnered with TechGirlz an NPO in the US that inspires middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers, We collaborate to provide the Story Telling and Video Production Workshops to middle school Girls.

Bridge Digital Literacy

We seek to provide improved social value at a lower commercial value. COMBAT identified that most of the GBV Victim's rights are not protected and We actively Stepping Up the game to adequately respond to Women's safety needs, effectively tackling Gender injustice during the pandemic.

Access to Justice

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