Class 12 Science 1 group of 10 Exposition Textgroup Name:

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Class 12 Science 1 group of 10 Exposition Textgroup Name:.

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exposition text. text written to explain the views of a matter or opinion of an author while at the same time trying to persuade or influence the reader to agree with that opinion. Usually, this writing is made in the form of an essay and distributed in various media, such as personal blogs, online media, or even newspapers..

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Exposition General Structure. The first structure of exposition text is a thesis statement. In this paragraph, the author usually begins to introduce the reader to the topic or issue that will be discussed in the article or essay.

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A. Causal Conjuction ( words or phrases used to explain the causes, reasons, and explanations of an action in a sentence. ) 1. Subordinating Conjunctions : * Because * Since * As 2. Coordinating Conjuntions : * For * Nor * Or * And * But * Yet * So 3. Prepositions : * Because Of * Due to 4. Adverbs : * Very * Quickly * Too.

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Language Features exposition Text. B. Indefinite Pronouns.

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-al. C. Verbs to Nouns Word form changes that often occur are from verbs to nouns. In nominalization, the noun that is changed is usually added with a suffix or what we usually know as an affix at the end of a sentence. Well, there are various kinds of suffixes that are usually used to change verbs to nouns :.

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example Exposition Text. Hand sanitizer becomes important thing during the pandemic of COVID-19. The chemical substance in the sanitizer can help you cleaning your hand easily without using water and soap. One of the reasons is that you will always use your hand to touch something and make contact with other people.During the interactions, virus can be transmitted, and applying the sanitizer on the palm of hand is safe way to kill the virus. Then, availability of water and soap sometimes cannot be obtained easily.It will also take time when you have to go to toilet to wash your hands. With hand sanitizer, you can easily clean your hands and avoid the threats of virus. In conclusion, it is highly recommended to always bring the sanitizer whenever you go ..

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