Digital Twin

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Intro-slide1-Nandu.m4a. Digital Twin. By Team 4: Rajanandini Bandi, Taylor Hendricks, Rosalia Viton, Cole Burleson, and Nupur Gupta.

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t7 slide 2 - Cole-1.m4a. What is Digital Twin?:. Virtual representation/counterpart of a physical object or process. Real-world data is used to replicate the desired object and optimize it..

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T7 slide 3- cole.m4a. How it works:. Accurately reflects a physical object Then data is used to run simulations and identify possible improvements or study performance.

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slide 4.m4a. Inventor. David Gelernter's 1991 book Mirror Worlds Michael Grieves was the first to apply this concept in manufacturing Introduced in 2002 at the University of Michigan The name Digital Twin was coined by John Vickers Hribernik et al in 2006.

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slide 5.m4a. When to use it:. Used to replicate processes in order to collect data to predict how will they problem DTP: Digital Twin Prototype DTI: Digital Twin Instance DTA: Digital Twin Aggregation Logistics planning, product development, redesign, etc.

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cis t7 slide 6 - why was it designed.m4a. Why was it designed:.

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cis t7 slide 7 - how it was designed.m4a. How was it designed (technical aspects):.

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12278 Crystal Shore Ave 6.m4a. Advantages and Disadvantages:.

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Arizona State University - Tempe 8.m4a. Water Supply Consumer Goods Manufacturing Human Heart Models Retail.

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Impact-slide10-Nandu.m4a. It’s impact on the industry:.

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Industry-Uses-slide11-Nandu.m4a. Industries/ Businesses that use it:.

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cis t7 slide 12 - the future of digital twin tech.m4a.

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Conclusion-slide13-Nandu.m4a. Thank you for your time!.

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