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Scene 1 (0s)

[Audio] Good day Judges, we are team number 1. Our Project is Adyen End to end Order Fulfillment Improvement..

Scene 2 (9s)

[Audio] The team consist members from Program, shipping & Process engineering..

Scene 3 (15s)

[Audio] Allow me to start off with a Quick introduction of the account background. This global account started off in 2019 with Flex Memphis and Venray. Thereafter, an aggressive regional portfolio expansion at Flex Brazil and Singapore during year 20 20. Customer seek for a system driven solution from Flex & FedEx, which resulted to a very complex backbone system built-up over the last 2 year basing on Atlas system, Web method & Carrier. To support Singapore to go-life, global team started off by mirroring and implement existing available system, process and solutions, and let the site team manage the process fine tuning after the site go-life..

Scene 4 (1m 2s)

[Audio] Soon after go-life, the team realized there's actually lots of manual intervention and updates are require to support the daily order fulfilment activities. Team noticed no real-time delivery update for local domestic shipment and information not EDI, leading the need to provide daily delivery updates to Customer manually. Extra shipping document copies printed out based on system setup. Many cases of RMA return from end-customer that the team is unable to determine the model..

Scene 5 (1m 36s)

[Audio] Using Kaizen tools, we noted down our problems and objectives. Set goals on the 6 area of improvements that was identified by the team..

Scene 6 (2m 13s)

[Audio] We adopted 7- Ways & ideas to Identify areas and Ideas for Improvement. We started off laying down our processes and requirements and start brainstorming ideas on what can be done better..

Scene 7 (2m 43s)

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Scene 8 (2m 53s)

[Audio] Using Value stream mapping, we able to clearly identified the areas of improvement, tagging to each goals..

Scene 9 (3m 9s)

[Audio] Used P D C A to collate data, to analyze, and determine the improvements we can target on..

Scene 10 (3m 46s)

[Audio] This is the Kaizen Target sheet showing the team progress..

Scene 11 (4m 21s)

[Audio] The team noticed, by default setting, 3 sets of order and shipping documents will be auto print out by Atlas system. Upon checking with the forwarders, they confirmed the need of 2sets of documents will be sufficient. Tweaked the system setting, the team save on the time needing to sort and taking out the extra sets of document, together with paper and ink saving was achieved..

Scene 12 (5m 4s)

[Audio] Alternative part picking for more than 80% of the orders is norm due high mix of software variant but the same hardware model. Every time in order to trigger the warehouse to pick the available model with inventory, O M need to check warehouse inventory and manual amend each and every order line to the finalized model with inventory in the Together with global I T, the team test and developed a new function in Atlas, by triggering system to perform an alternative part checking and auto amend the part number in the Sales Orders before releasing a pick-list to warehouse. This has greatly reduced the time spend performing inventory checking and alternate part number matching, and most importantly eliminate all risk of wrong model picking due to human error..

Scene 13 (5m 57s)

[Audio] U Parcel is a new domestic local forwarding service provider engaged to support the local delivery services. Due to the new setup, no API was established, resulting no tracking information available for real-time tracking. Daily, the team will have to provide email tracking details for every sales order to the customer and they will manually update the information into their web portal for publication to their end-customer. Flex improvise the existing process of tracking update for all local domestic orders in Atlas and change the EDI program to push the tracking information over to customer portal in real-time..

Scene 14 (6m 39s)

[Audio] U Parcel being a local domestic forwarding service provider, API is not recognizable by their web coding. This cause web error every time they attempt to track the shipment with the tracking information provided by the team. Together with u Parcel I T support, customer developing a new coding in their web portal, to recognize the tracking information formats, and auto routing programming. This allow a direct link back to u Parcel trace and track web portal. This solution was later released to end-customer for speedy tracking of their shipment which greatly increases customer satisfaction..

Scene 15 (7m 21s)

[Audio] During normal return, RMA return units will still have the proper part number and serial number labels to allow the team do a system matching prior system receiving. But there are many times, the team will receive RMA returned units with missing part number labels, defect serial number labels that might resulted the team to spend time trying to match or retrieve serial number from past record assuming its correct. With customer agreement, the team setup a charging station from recycled chargers, allowing the team to power-up returns with doubts to ensure 100% accuracy of all RMA returns..

Scene 16 (8m 22s)

[Audio] After eliminating the redundant manual activities, and having some paper usage saving, we are able to achieve a small saving of $ 1.8k every month for the account..

Scene 17 (8m 45s)

[Audio] Lesson Learned. On-top of the usual kaizen tool such as PDCA, VSM mapping, etc The team learned to understand the usefulness of 7-ways & ideas in this Kaizen project, which helped the team to identified the areas and ideas triggering for improvements..

Scene 18 (9m 6s)

[Audio] Thank You for your time going through the kaizen presentation with the team..

Scene 19 (9m 17s)

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