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Scene 2 (5s)

English Language Review Class CE2

Teacher Mariame Moushil

Scene 3 (12s)

Alphsbets Lesson-Exercice Numbers Lesson-Exercice

Scene 4 (19s)

Let’s Start

Scene 5 (25s)


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Scene 6 (2m 6s)

♫ ABC alphabet song - Now I Know My ABC's - Binkie TV song ♫


Scene 7 (2m 16s)


apple icecrea m banana jug cat kite Let's learn ABC Alphabet dog queen violin elephant monkey ra bbit watermelon fox notebook sheep xylophone giraffe 0.0 ovvl tree r' yoyo horse pig urn b rella zebra

Scene 8 (3m 54s)

Trace the letters

Scene 10 (4m 24s)

Exercice Decorate the numbers and write the missing letters

one six t e e two seven three eight n n four nine x five ten n u