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www.cascade3d.com. Gerry Hodgson CEO, Cascade3d Analytics.

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Our core competency is deriving business insight from diverse datasets specialising in behavioural analytics for sport, fitness, health and wellbeing.

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abstract. abstract. abstract. abstract. Click to watch the care in the community video.

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Why we. If you have an aging loved one in your life, you want very best for them – especially where health and well being are concerned. There may come a time where having CascadeConnectedCare is the best decision..

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If the Senior’s care requirement are getting beyond your Community service, and consider having our Assistive living system for the continuum of care- to a supportive living arrangement. If your caregivers are suffering increased stress when caring for a senior loved one..

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Elder healthcare focused Services Medical reminders System Accessible to family and Care Takers Opportunity to engage with the system.

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Reports include Medical reminders, Bathroom visits, Sleep pattern Wake up time, Intervention logs, Activity Summary Visitor Activity and Caretaker/Individual Notes For residents who need some assistance with daily activities but do not require skilled medical care.

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Supporting independence. Levels of independence. Assessment Event.

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Flexible sensor packs and alerts Select sensors to personalise the pack: 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK etc Medication reminders Alexa Show video chat Smoke, carbon monoxide and water leak alarms.

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1,2,3 BHK plan features. Plan Features Medication Notifications No of Visits to Bathroom Cascade Online Portal access 24x7 All Door usage and Motion in property Sleep Time Vitals Monitoring using Medical Devices Use Identify if the Medication is taken regularly within the Time Periods Identify if there is increase in no of Bathroom Visits against regular Identify if there is any unexpected access/Wandering using Door Sensor during night/day time - Identify Fridge Usage.

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vsÄs. Vital signs monitoring. A range of Bluetooth medical devices have been integrated with Cascade3d:.

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-rs--se. Recording baseline and exacerbations. Reducing hospital A&E admission through remote clinical support proactive de-escalation care planning integrated services.

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Medication reminders. A combination of personalised messages and sensors helps manage and confirm medication adherence..

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KPI Flightdeck Site 71 - Riverside 2 ago (29ZC) Last Fridge (Y C) Bed Mat • Bed Unoccupied - C&ir (2 Site 71 - Medical Summary (81 17: 18 Site 71 m Cha' Motim 1 Bedside Motim Fmt 2 Motim •_ivqng Molion - Riverside Activity Auto-Timeline Tod„ Tod„ Tod„ 0829 Today 0833 Tod„ Tcd„ Fat % (119%) Body Muscle (38%) Body % (885%) Body weight (73 2 BP Pulse Rate (94 Oxygen 0848 08 48 0848 Today 0848 0848 0858 on 3 mins ago) Kenle [Last on 2:04 La (L"t 29 Today.

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It starts with a conversation…. www.cascade3d.com Contact UK Gerry Hodgson Telephone +44 [0]7739 183344 Email gerryhodgson@cascade3d.com Contact India Harish Kumar Mobile +91 97312 62600 Email Harish@Cascade3d.com Mohandas Nair Mobile +91 97409 22718 Email Mohan@Cascade3d.com.