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Mahalia Borja General Manager Pondera PH

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DATAMATICS   For me, leadership is all about how to lead people through changes, it’s cross gender whereas leadership style matters all for leading team towards success. In my opinion, ethical and transformational leadership is essential as it occurs when the leaders broaden and elevate the interests of employees and inspire people's potential and align to organization's mission. Also I would like to encourage all the female leaders to enhance the influence consistently by leveraging our merits of more assertive and persuasive , more empathetic and interpersonal. Trust in women power and we all can do it!

Chris Wang Regional Manager Neusoft DATAMATICS

Scene 3 (37s)

DATAMATICS Encourage healthy discussions in challenging biases, not just from others but your own as well. It will take time to unlearn centuries of gender bias, but opening these up for discussion plants the tiny seeds of change. The more we discuss about it, the more we think about it; and the more we think about it, the more it opens opportunities to do something about it.

Jyl Carson Risk Manager Neusoft DATAMATICS

Scene 4 (1m 1s)

DATAMATICS Dhiane Amadeo Operations Manager Ali-Express

Scene 5 (1m 8s)

Joined by our colleagues in supporting the advocacy for gender equality!

Scene 6 (1m 16s)

I will he;v forge a gender equal world #ChooseToChallenge

I will celebrate women's achievements 'ChoosoToChalIenge I will help forge a gender equal world "Choose roChSllcng•

Scene 7 (1m 25s)

H.ciivate Window:

j*TvttrztnnttcutaC I will forge positive visibility of women NC hoose TOChaIIengc

Scene 8 (1m 35s)

We Wiii celebra e women'sl, achievemen.e,• #ChooseToChallengr•



Scene 9 (1m 44s)

tA)oDcen'S I will challenge gender stereotypes and bias


Scene 12 (2m 9s)

12 ROLLS We Will celebrate women's achievements # C nooseToChallenge o We will help forge a gender equal world •#ChooseToChallen e

W. out

Scene 13 (2m 18s)

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I will challenge gender stereotypes and bias *ChooseToChalleng.• I will forge positive visibility of women ÄChoose

Win I will call out gendered actions or assumptions #C'T'oseToChaIIenge We will maintain a gender equal mindset # ChooseToChallcnge Actß

Scene 14 (2m 30s)

We help world

We try to ¯ ¯ We out actions assumptions

Scene 15 (2m 38s)

A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let's all # ChoosetoChallenge