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[Audio] BUSINESS PLAN BOARD & BRUSH , INC BOARD&BRUSH Décor manufacturers high quality speciality home décor products for the mass market ,specifically items designed for customized room and home .This plan contains : • INDUSTRY OVERVIEW • DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS • PRODUCTS & SERVICES OFFERED • MARKET ANALYSIS • LOCATION OF BUSINESS • COMPETITION • MANAGEMENT • APPLICATION & EXPECTED EFFECT OF INVESTMENT • FINANCIAL DATA.

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[Audio] INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Interior decorators, also known as home decorators, work with homeowners or business owners to furnish and adorn an interior space according to their preferences. The decorator must usually work within a budget and order the necessary design elements for their clients. The truth is that interior design is a multidimensional vocation that covers activities such as conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, management and of course the execution of the design ( project). Home decoration companies are responsible for planning the design of both living and commercial facilities such as hotel, motels and lodges; they have mastered the art of turning their ideas or concept into reality. The projects that home decorators handle can be broad in scope. It could range from structural modifications to the selection of matching furniture, curtains or blind, wallpaper and lighting et al. The Interior Designers industry is indeed a big industry that has experienced consistent growth and innovations over the last five years. However, the industry is projected to experience marginally better conditions over the next five years. As long as the housing market is expected to improve strongly, there will also be corresponding growth for residential interior designers as existing home sales and housing states make up ground over the five-year period. So also, increase in corporate profit, growth and expansion of corporate organization will open up business opportunities of interior design companies because there will be need for organizations to remodel their facilities to meet up with changing trends. BUSINESS OVERVIEW BOARD&BRUSH, INC designs and develops specialty paintings and soft (also known as " cut and sewn") home décor products manufactured in India. India's extraordinary fabrics and handiwork are not readily available in other countries and stand out from the typical mass-produced product currently available. These unique, value-priced products will be targeted to INDIA -based mass merchants such as Sears, Target, and Wal-Mart. Specifically, BOARD &BRUSH Décor will bring a high-end look to the mass market. BOARD &BRUSH Décor aims to offer unusual, unique specialty items at competitive prices. Beautiful handiwork such as beading, embroidery, and weaving will help merchants stand out from their competitors and draw in shoppers. Although B&B Décor will offer narrow product lines as compared to their competitors, the company will produce in high volumes to meet the demands of mass merchants. In addition, B&B Décor can customize products to suit individual buyers' tastes. DEEPALI SEHGAL, the man behind B&B Décor, has the product development experience, design talent, and established relationships necessary to meet those demands. Her sourcing, product development, and production experience, in combination with his design talent and people skills, has allowed him to develop the know-how and relationships necessary to understand and meet the needs of mass merchants..

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[Audio] Business Model As a direct importer, B&B Décor products will be shipped from the factory directly to the retailer. As such, B&B Décor will carry no inventory, with production beginning only when a purchase order is received. Payments between retailers and B&B Décor, and between B&B Décor and its factories will be made by letter-of-credit, resulting in minimal financial exposure PRODUCTS &SERVICES OFFERED B&B Décor develops the designs, samples, and packaging for specialty Christmas and soft home décor products manufactured in India. Its product lines are meant to broaden the offerings of mass merchants, with unique handiwork such as beading, embroidery, and weaving in beautiful silks, velvets, and pashmina. In order for buyers to review the product lines, samples of each product are displayed in B&B Décor's Showroom B&B Décor's product lines will be narrow and focused on the unique fabrics, colors, and beautiful handiwork typical of India. The lines will have a specific point of view and, as such, will not try to be all things to all buyers. The product categories for which Bu&BDécor will design products are: • Residential home decoration cum interior design services • Commercial ( hotels, motels, and lodges) interior design services • Merchandise sales • Home decorating consulting services • Other related services like giving interior makeover to historic buildings, vehicles, such as ships and aircraft et al. • B&B Décor's philosophy is that it is possible to feature well-designed, fashion-forward, high-quality products at competitive prices. The four cornerstones of that philosophy are: • Design: Well-designed, fashion-forward products • Quality: High-quality products produced in a quality-controlled environment • Value: Offering well-designed, quality products at affordable prices • Relationships: Listening to our buyers and building trusting relationships with the mass market DETAILS PRODUCT CATEGORIES LIST.

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[Audio] HOUSEWARE & HOTELWARE • Alabaster Ware • Aluminium Ware • Animal Figures • Antique Reproductions • Artistic Stoneware • Ash Trays • Bar Accessories • Barbeque Accessories • Beer Mugs • Bone China Mugs • Bone China Ware • Bone Handicrafts • Boxes – Cigar • Boxes – Decorative & Jewellery • Boxes – Musical • Boxes – Pills • Brassware • Bridal Gifts • Bronze Figures • Ceramics • Ceremonial Items • Clocks‐Table / Wall • Copperware • Decorative Objects • Earthen Ware • Enamel Ware • EPNE Ware • Ethnic Goods • Figurines • Fireplace Accessories • Flower Wooden • Frames‐ Mirror/ Picture/ Photo • Giftware • Glass‐Decorative • Glassware • Goblets • Gold Plated Ware • Horn crafts • Household Products‐ Decorative • Iron Crafts • Lace Products • Lesser Known Handicrafts • Marble‐ Alabaster & Crafted Stones • Marbles‐Glass • Marine Instruments • Metalware • Military Models • Millennium Products • Miniature – Figurines • Miniature ‐ Furniture • Miniature – paintings • Miniature – picture • Miniature – silverware • Miniature – toys • Miniature & models • Mirrors • Money boxes • Murals • Musical boxes • Musical figures • Musical instruments • Nameplates • Nautical décor • Nautical instruments • Novelties • Nutcrackers • Onyxware • Oriental crafts • Oriental paintings • Paintings / scrolls • Paintings‐ original • Pendulum clock‐ grandfather clocks • Papier mache • Pewterware • Photograph album • Picture embroidered • Picture frames • Planters • Porcelain – dolls • Porcelain‐ ornaments • Porcelain tabletop • Pottery • Religious gifts • Reproduction fine arts • Resin bronze figurines • Sandlewood articles • Sculpture • Shell‐ coral • Shell – gifts • Silk paintings • Silver engravings TABLEWARE & KITCHENWARE • Silverplated ware • Silverware • Slateware • Soapstone carvings • Stained Glass • Stainless Steel Tableware • Stand Art/ Book/ Pictures • Stationery – Gift • Stoneware Pottery • Stonewares • Table Mats • Table Top • Tableware • Tableware‐ China • Tableware‐ Eathenware • Tableware‐ Pocrcelain • Tableware‐ Stoneware • Terracotta • Terracotta Pottery • Tinware • Tinware – Decorative • Trays • Trinket Boxes • Vases • Walking sticks • Wall hangings • Wall plaques • Wind chimes • Wine accessories • Wireware • Wood carvings • Woodcrafts • Wooden gifts • Wrought iron ware BATHROOM ACCESSORIES • Bathroom Fittings • Bathroom Mats • Bathroom Mirrors • Linen Closet & Towel Rails • Bath Tubs • Wash Basins • Soap Dispensers & Sets • Brushes, Brooms & Mops • Barbeque Accessories • Flower Pots • Garden Decoration & Ornaments • Lanterns & Garden.

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[Audio] Lighting • Water Fountains & Decorations • Gazebos • Marble & Stone Figurines • Flags & Buntings • Garden Umbrellas • Hammocks & Parasols • Wind Chimes • Wrought Iron Furniture • Any other product to be added _______________ FURNITURE, FURNITURE HARDWARE & ACCESSORIES Chandeliers • Home Lighting & Fixtures • Lamps • Lamp Shades • Lanterns • Any other product to be added _______________ • Bedroom Furniture • Living Room Furniture • Dining Room Furniture • Kitchen Furniture • Classroom & Study Furniture • Children's Furniture • Hotel & Restaurant Furniture • Garden Furniture • Beach Furniture • Book Cases & Shelves • Wine Racks • Wooden Partitions • Almirahs & Cabinets • Artistic Fittings • Handles, Knobs & Locks Curtain Rods & Accessories • Any other product to be added _______________ HOME FURNISHINGS & MADEUPS .[ CARPETS, RUGS & FLOORINGS ] Bed Linen • Table Linen • Kitchen Linen • Bathroom Linen • Cushion & Pillow Covers • Curtains & Draperies • Throws & Tapestries • Upholstery Fabrics • Tassels & Tiebacks • Lace & Embroidery Furnishings • Handloom Fabrics • Hand Knotted/Handmade Carpets & Rugs • Silk & Woolen Carpets & Rugs • Synthetic Carpets & Rugs • Woven Carpets & Rugs • Tufted Carpets & Rugs • Woven Piles • Flat Woven Rugs & Rugs in Natural Fibers • Tufted Tiles & Carpets • Hand woven Chenille, Cotton & Woolen MARKET ANALYSIS B&B Décor's target markets are the home décor departments of mass merchants. The synergy between the two is clear, as illustrated in the quote above. By targeting both markets, B&B Décor can reduce the seasonal earnings fluctuations typical of Christmas-only vendors. Both markets are fashion-driven, with buyers always looking for the next new thing—in terms of design and resources. Today's mass merchants want to offer broader looks in their Christmas and home décor departments. They want to offer products and looks from more than one country in order to: • Round out product selection by offering unusual, unique specialty items.

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[Audio] • Add eye-catching products to draw in customers • Appeal to the growing ethnic diversity of their customer base • Stand out from competitors Consumer tastes are becoming more sophisticated as their exposure to global influences increases. Television shows such as " Martha Stewart," " Oprah," and those on HGTV have broadened the horizons of consumers. Add to this the " bargain as fashion" message of Target stores, and you've got consumers who want high style, but at an affordable price. The country's trend toward cocooning at home has increased the demand for decorative home accessories in rich colors and fabrics. Combine this trend with the more cost-conscious consumer you've got the mass merchant customer who wants it all: high style at an affordable price. Buyers understand these trends and want to exploit them. They understand that accessories can change the look of a room without refurnishing—tapping into the consumer's fashion and budget demands. Current trends demonstrate another important factor at work in the marketplace: Consumers are more ethnically diverse than ever, and they want to embrace their cultural differences. Mass merchants want sources that can tap into the ethnic diversity that is their customer base. Buyers are looking for new resources with fresh design ideas, and India is an untapped geographic resource. The store has been well received since its opening on . Marketing, combined with an optimal product offering, is critical to its continued success and future profitability. The store offers the most extensive selection of in-stock decorator fabrics, but the volume sales of special order fabric is the fastest growing area of the store. The basic market need is to offer a good selection of decorator fabrics at reasonable prices, for the "do-it-yourself" and the "buy-it-yourself" customers, through a personalized retail store that offers excellent service, design assistance, and inspiration for people to redecorate their homes. We possess valuable information about our market and know a great deal about the common attributes of our most prized and loyal customers. We will leverage this information to better understand who we serve, their specific needs, and how we can better communicate with them. Web Attributes We used to be concerned that this particular segment was not know to Web-savvy. Unfortunately, the age group of thise women was one of the smallest groups that looks to the Internet for information and spends time there for research. This is not good for website sales in our niche industry. However, as time has passed and the cost of computers and Internet access has plummeted, and the ease of Internet use in general, and consumer e-commerce has increased, our earlier fears have been assuaged..

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[Audio] We will pursue an eBay store website positioned to take advantage of the current and future potential of Internet retail. This group has become increasingly comfortable with the Web, and the "Professional Youngsters" are already using this as a resource. Homestyler 3d App 3D Sketch up Floorlanner Smartdraw Planner 5D Home by me Roomplanner & Bathroom planner by 3D Carpetright visualiser Virtual consultation Website Marketing Strategy Our website strategy will be to reach these key groups listed in order of importance based on their expected use and purchases from the site. • Professional Youngsters – Expected to be the most likely of the targeted segments to use this resource because of their relatively high Internet use compared to the other segments. This group should offer the greatest online revenue opportunity. • Outsiders – Comprised of people outside the area with Internet access that have come in contact with the physical store or learned of it though a referral or promotion. This group, most commonly located in rural areas of the Western U.S. and Hawaii, are expected to be a small but faithful sector of buyers. • Online Shoppers – Most often find the site through search engines and these online decorator fabric shoppers are browsing multiple sites for a best buy or access to discontinued and hard-to-find fabric. They hold potential, but are typically he most work for the lowest return..

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[Audio] • Internet Learners – Represents all of the targeted segments that are just beginning to become familiar with the site and will increase their use of the Internet over time. Revenue expectations from this group are low at this point and it is viewed as an investment in the future. Interior Views' website seeks to fulfill the following benefits that we know are important to our customers. • Selection – A wide choice of current and tasteful decorator materials with the convenience of online shopping. • Accessibility – The buyer can visit the site and view the most popular fabrics from a vast array of suppliers. They can also communicate with the store through email or phone, to have access to additional assistance after reviewing the information on the site. • Competitive Pricing – All products will be competitively priced in comparison to retail stores and other channels of distribution including catalog and Web sales. TARGET MARKETS B&B Décor is specifically targeting high-volume retailers serving the value-conscious consumer. These retailers fall into numerous categories. Several of these categories, along with examples of specific retailers, are listed below • Construction • Property Development Companies • Home Owners • Corporate Organizations • Realtors —for their clients' homes • Home Improvement Companies • Commercial builders of office and home complexes • Home builders' associations • Furniture stores • Paint and wall paper stores • Flower shops • Real Estate Owners, Developers, and Contractor SALES AND MARKET STRATEDY.

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[Audio] We are not ignorant of the fact that there are stiff competitions in the interior design industry; there are loads of home decorators and interior designers jostling for contracts which is why we have been able to hire some of the best marketing experts to handle our sales and marketing. Our sales and marketing team will be recruited based on their vast experience in the real estate market and they will be trained on a regular basis so as to be well equipped to meet their targets and the overall business goal of James & Janell® Home Deco, Inc. Our goal is to grow BOARD & BRUSH Home Deco, Inc. to become one of the leading home decoration companies in the United States of America which is why we have mapped out strategies that will help us take advantage of the available market and grow to become a major force to reckon with not only in JALANDHAR but also in other cities in the INDIA BOARD &BRUSH Home Deco, Inc. is set to make use of the following marketing and sales strategies to attract clients and win home decoration and interior decoration contracts; • Introduce our home decoration company by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure to corporate organizations, realtors, religious organizations and key stake holders in the real estate industry. • Promptness in bidding for home decoration or interior design contracts from the government and other cooperate organizations • Advertise our business in relevant business magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations • List our business on yellow page ads (local directories) • Attend relevant international and local expos, seminars, and business fairs et al • Create different packages for different category of clients in order to work with their budgets and still deliver excellent design and services • Leverage on the internet to promote our business • Engage direct marketing approach • Encourage word of mouth marketing from loyal and satisfied clients LOCATION OF BUSINESS B&B Décor will lease Rs 20,000 per month 0.08acre approx warehouse / area in Dhokali, Zirakpur in Mohali .we need small area for placing raw material [ wood, carton , fabrics] etc . For budgeting purposes B&B Décor is assuming an annual increase of 3 to 5 % . SOURCES OF INCOME.

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[Audio] B&B Home Deco, Inc. is established with the aim of maximizing profits in the interior design cum real estate industry and we are going to go all the way to ensure that we do all it takes to meet and surpass the expectations of our client . B&B Home Deco, Inc. will generate income by offering the following home decoration services and other related services; • Residential home decoration cum interior design services • Commercial ( hotels, motels, and lodges) interior design services • Merchandise sales • Home decorating services consulting services • Other related services like giving interior makeover to historic buildings, vehicles, such as ships and aircraft et al Startup Expenditure ( Budget) Starting a home decoration company is cost effective because on the average, you are not expected to acquire expensive machines and equipment. What you should be concerned about is the amount needed to secure a standard office facility in a good and busy business district, the amount needed to furnish and equip the office, the amount needed to pay bills, purchase relevant software apps, promote the business and obtain the appropriate business license and certifications. COMPITITION There are literally thousands of design and manufacturing companies in the Christmas and home décor marketplace. Typically, competitors fall into one of two categories: ( 1) The vast majority offer a product assortment that is too broad and lacks an appealing point of view or look. The price point may be attractive, but the product is mundane and the same as what their competitors are showing, or ( 2) the products are designed well and offer an exciting look, but the price point is too high. As a result, the competition for mass merchant buying dollars is not especially competitive. Vendors consistently target the high-end buyers at merchants such as department stores and specialty stores. No one is thinking both " fashion forward" and " volume," which leavesthe market open for Burton Décor. An analysis of Burton Décor's four nearest competitors follows.

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[Audio] Competitor designs and develops HOME DECORS related products. They have direct import and domestic product lines. Products Product categories include: lights, trees, mouth-blown glass ornaments, table linens, animation, tree skirts, stockings, ribbon and bows, wreaths and garland, and bead garland. The company imports primarily from China. Competitor offers a domestic line, requiring them to warehouse inventory domestically. This allows them to sell to smaller shops and to sell smaller quantities to customers buying less than a container-load. Strengths • Marketing/merchandising. They put together beautiful, eye-catching presentations in showrooms located at prime addresses. They display the showroom like a high-end department store; i.e., products are not just thrown on a shelf. Detail-oriented. • Offer better product for the price. Competitor spots high-end trends and develops knock-offs at affordable prices. • If one category is not selling well in a particular year, Competitor will adapt quickly by jumping into another category to make up the dollars lost for that year. Weaknesses : They do not build their business from year to year. When a particular category starts doing well for a competitor, Competitor changes direction and chases the business in that same category while ignoring the categories that they had been building. As in a plate spinning circus act, they let plates drop as they run to spin others. Inventory risk—by offering a domestic line and warehousing the product. MANAGEMENT The professionals listed below cover the four functional areas critical to Burton Décor's success: 1. design and product development 2. management 3. manufacturing 4. sales 5. • Product Design: Giftware/ collectibles/ decorative, tins/ bath and body/ pet; gifts/decorative design/seasonal and holiday items/ leather (and fabric) goods, e.g., business cases, men's accessories, luggage, and gift items. 6. • Graphic Design: Graphics incorporated with product, package design, decorative design, catalog, and photography. Concept, design, and production for products, packaging, and graphics. 7. • Management: Supervised designers, retouchers, and freelancers. Managed employees, workflow, clients, and budgets for graphics/ multimedia studios consisting of 12- 15 employees..

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[Audio] 1. Build its management team and personnel infrastructure 2. Design, sell, and produce its products for B&B Décor's first selling season 3. Purchase the required computer hardware, software, and office equipment 4. Set up its office and showroom space The loan will allow B&B Décor to establish itself in its first selling season. B&B Décor is paid only when the merchant takes possession of the goods at the port in India. The sales cycle—the time from product design to the merchant taking possession—can be as long as twelve months. As such, the loan will enable B&B Décor to make the necessary up-front investment. The credit line will allow B&B Décor to pay off the loan and accommodate the sales cycle on a ongoing basis FINANCIAL PLAN The following will enable us to keep on track. If we fail in any of these areas, we will need to re-evaluate our business model: • Gross margins at or above 42%. • Month-to-month annual comparisons indicate an increase of 12% or greater. • Do not depend on the credit line to meet cash requirements. Financial Risks and Contingencies • Slow sales resulting in less-than-projected cash flow. • Unexpected and excessive cost increases compared to the forecasted sales. • Overly aggressive and debilitating actions by competitors. • A parallel entry by a new competitor. • Expansion into e-commerce via eBay or apps store does not realize projected sales. Worst case risks might include: • Determining the business cannot support itself on an ongoing basis. • Having to liquidate the inventory to pay back the bank loan..

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[Audio] • Locating a tenant to occupy the leased space for the duration of the five year lease. • Losing the assets of the investors used for collateral. • Dealing with the financial, business, and personal devastation of the store's failure. Projected Cash Flow The cash flow projections are outlined below. Again, these projects are based on our basic assumptions with revenue generation factors carrying the most significant weight regarding the outcome. We are anticipating that we will need to add investment into the business in January to address cash flow concerns. As planned, our eBay store should bring in adequate revenue to cover its own expenses and bring a net increase of revenue into Interior Views. Cash flow and cash balance appear to be comfortably adequate. We have planned conservatively. However, other companies have seen tremendous growth in sales through the eBay store retail channel, and other Internet direct sales channels. If our sales do indeed skyrocket, Interior Views will certainly need to increase inventory purchases, site maintenance, personnel, and perhaps facilities space and computer hardware. All of this impacts expenses and cash flow/ cash balance. Interior Views would then have to borrow against its bank line of credit or take out business loans to until the revenue from cash receivables/ PayPal begin toflow into the company. Such borrowing would be included in the eBay store business plan and accounting records. It may be that if the growth is fast, but smoothly incremental, we will be able to accomplish the growth with the projected cash flow. We are purchasing Rs 3 lac approx of new computer hardware and upgrades to support the renovation of our website and establishment of our e bay store The P&L table lists the expenses we anticipate in establishing our eBay presence and store. Legal expenses will cover our initial fees with eBay, PayPal, and our business bank, and any other legal requirements, such as establishing compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation. Website development costs cover both our eBay site design as well as a freshening of our existing informational website. In anticipation of significant sales activity we have decided to purchase additional computer hardware which will be dedicated to eBay sales fulfillment, customer database, shipping, etc BALANCE SHEET ASSESTS LIABILITIES.

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