Born on 21st January 1998

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Scene 1 (0s)

Ganesh Iyer S/o Mr. T G Ramamoorthy and Mrs. Mangalam Iyer.

Scene 2 (6s) (3).

Scene 3 (11s)

Scene 4 (16s)

Sweet baby , innocent face and naughtiest child.

Scene 5 (21s)

Scene 6 (26s)

Scene 7 (31s)

Scene 8 (36s)

Born to be in the INDIAN ARMY. (1).

Scene 9 (41s)

Scene 10 (46s)

Scene 11 (51s)

Scene 12 (56s)

Scene 13 (1m 1s) (1).

Scene 14 (1m 6s)

Scene 15 (1m 11s)


Scene 16 (1m 16s)


Scene 17 (1m 21s)


Scene 18 (1m 26s)


Scene 19 (1m 31s)

him with priyanka. IMG_20220118_141652.

Scene 20 (1m 36s)

- with Ashin, jinoop. IMG_20220118_141712.

Scene 21 (1m 41s)

- with Akshay. IMG_20220118_141732.

Scene 22 (1m 46s)

- with Sneha both are looking smart , beautiful and handsome.

Scene 23 (1m 51s)

- with Steffi and Sneha. IMG_20220118_141813.

Scene 24 (1m 56s)

- Shri Krishna temple, nigdi. IMG_20220118_141835.

Scene 25 (2m 1s)

Handsome look. IMG_20220118_141944.

Scene 26 (2m 6s)


Scene 27 (2m 11s)


Scene 28 (2m 16s)

- enjoying holi festival. IMG_20220118_142059.

Scene 29 (2m 21s)

do you remember your gift. IMG_20220118_142118.

Scene 30 (2m 26s)


Scene 31 (2m 31s)


Scene 32 (2m 36s)


Scene 33 (2m 41s)


Scene 34 (2m 46s)

From 1998 to 2021 , didnt know he turned out to be a gentleman.... too matured to have a girl like me and think of future ....settling down with me, having kids .....etc . this guy from school days he had crush on me but never had the guts to even say it till 2016 ....then he used to get close between 2017-19......we didnt talk for a year in 2019-2020. In 2020.....and finally we decided to move on AUG 6.........THE DAY I SAID YES TO HIM.....

Scene 35 (2m 51s)

The day when I said yes to this pagal - AUG 6 2021.

Scene 36 (2m 56s)

Mamta roll house, DY.... everytime having food made of eggs....having egg roll.

Scene 37 (3m 1s)

way to dehu rd ayyapan temple with shyam and him..

Scene 38 (3m 6s)

guruvayor ayyappa temple(dehu rd). IMG-20220115-WA0016.

Scene 39 (3m 11s)

begdewadi z-bridge. IMG-20220115-WA0018. IMG-20220115-WA0020.

Scene 40 (3m 16s)

proposed me with a ring. IMG-20220115-WA0019.

Scene 41 (3m 21s)

Deccan. IMG-20220115-WA0025.

Scene 42 (3m 26s)

Editing day of my YT video....a small get- together.

Scene 43 (3m 31s)

13/9/2021. IMG_20210913_194637.

Scene 44 (3m 36s)

20/9/2021..... first time Nikhil had come to my place.....

Scene 45 (3m 41s)

12/10/2021. IMG_20211012_193326.

Scene 46 (3m 46s)

12/11/2021. IMG_20211112_180125.

Scene 47 (3m 51s)

24/11/2021. IMG_20211124_153129.

Scene 48 (3m 56s)

30/11/2021 a spcl bond b/w two souls. IMG_20211130_143759.

Scene 49 (4m 1s)

07/10/2021 sid’s birthday. IMG_20211007_134541.

Scene 50 (4m 6s)

06/12/2021. IMG_20211206_202331.