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Looking to make a fast return on your investment? BetaMining is a crypto-mining platform that offers quick return investments with great interest rates.

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Let’s talk cryPTo …

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money, based on blockchain technology. You may be familiar with the most popular versions, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are thousands more in circulation. There is three ways to use cryptocurrency: 1) Mining coins 2) Trading with coins 3) Mining and then trading with coins

Is Cryptocurrency Coming Back or Going Away for Good? 6 Experts Weigh In.

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World Wide Decentralized Peer to Peer Network

Bitcoin exchanges trade conventional currencies for Bitcoin, offering a way in and out of the market of non-miners

Miners create Bitcoin by using computers to solve mathematical functions. The same process verifies transactions

Individuals and business create wallets that allow them to send and receive Bitcoin

Cryptography secures the network, ensuring that all balances and transactions are safe.

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Who are we?

What is a mining farm? | CRYPTO MINING CLUB

Betamining is a crypto-mining company started in 2018. Situated in East London it is one of the first and biggest in town. As the owner’s interest in cryptocurrency grew, so did the company. This company mostly focusses on MINING Bitcoin and other coins by using computers to solve mathematical algorithms.

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Our goal

Our goal is to build a crypto-mining company that will become the number one choice for individuals, smaller businesses and corporate clients in the whole of East London and Eastern Cape to invest. Apart from this we intend to go GREEN and install Solar systems to supply electricity within the next two years.

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Our Success story

Times Are Changing 2017 - 2019 2020 - 2021 Morgan Stanley becomes the first Bitcoin's Real Value big bank to Offer its wealthy Could Be Zero. Morgan clients aeeess to bitcoin funds Stanley Analyst Says Bitcoin is a fraud that will JPMorgan Says blow up. says JP Morgan boss Investors Could Make Bitcoin 1% of Portfolios Goldman Sachs lists 5 Exclusive: Goldman Sachs reasons why bitcoin is •not restarts cryptocurrency an asset class', nor 'a desk amid bitcoin boom suitable investment' PayPal's Entry to Crypto Bitcoin is •useless as a payment mechanism and Followed Long Buildup in ridiculous as a store Of Fnxpertise value,' ex.paypal CEO Visa CEO: we won't Visa Is Working to process transactions in 'Enable Bitcoin bitcoin, because it's not a Purchases': CEO payment system to "O

Betamining started in 2018 as a small business. Today, this company is growing by the day and mining at maximum capacity. Currently we are operating 24hrly with computers mining mostly Bitcoin and Ethereum. Markets are monitored daily and computers adjusted to mine the most coins at the best price.

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We need you!!

Passion Talent Money

The perfect company


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Offering great interest rates Fast and reliable returns Insurance against loss Security

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How will my money be used?

Betamining staff will use your money to buy cards or computers from reliable sellers abroad ( Bitmain , Innosillicon ) or from local agents ( PCMax , Computersonly ). PC’s and Cards will be installed and used to solve algorithms and “mine coins”. The process is monitored daily and instructions to miners adjusted to mine the most coins at the best rates. Investor will be paid back in monthly instalments with agreeable interest rates.

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Will my money be secured and safe?

Security | Paths to Technology | Perkins eLearning

Contract will be set up and signed by both parties Good references and reputation Warranty available on cards up to 3 years Transactions, quotes and progress reports will be available for viewing

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Options currently available

Please contact us NOW to discuss options that will suit YOU!!

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Contact us

Matthew van Niekerk

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