Battle of Plassey

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Scene 1 (0s)

Battle of Plassey

An overview

Scene 2 (7s)

The Battle Of Plassey was a major battle between the British East India Company and the Nawab of Bengal; Siraj-ud-Daulah

Scene 3 (17s)

It took place on 23 rd June, 1757 at Palashi, Bengal

Scene 4 (27s)

Why did it take place???

….the problem begins when the British East had misued a lot of their privileges which were handed to them

The British made an alliance with the Nawabs in exchange of security and protection against any external attacks….

Scene 5 (43s)

There was a lot of delays in paying the various taxes and charges by the workers of the East India Company The British had also mislead the Nawab on many occasions and also disobeyed a lot of the rules and regulations

Scene 6 (58s)

The cell was obviously very small, so only a handful of British prisoners survived

The real disruption began when the Nawab seized the fort of Calcutta and imprisoned more than a hundred British officials in a cell meant only for 6 people

Both parties were extremely infuriated and thus the war began

Scene 7 (1m 15s)

The battle was fought on the banks of Bhagirathi near Kolkata Both the parties intensely fought for 3 grinding hours, until there was a sudden rainfall

The Battle is Fought

Scene 8 (1m 29s)


Before the battle the British bribed Mir Jafar who was the commander-in-chief of the Nawabs army

They also promised Mir Jafar that they will make him the Nawab of Bengal

The treachery of Mir Jafar played a huge role in why the Nawab lost

Scene 9 (1m 46s)

According to Robert Clive, 22 men were killed and 50 were injured from the British side

While the Nawab’s army lost 500 men including a large number of key officials

Scene 10 (1m 59s)

After math and effects of the battle

Mir Jafar was made the Nawab of Bengal The British became the paramount European power in Bengal The economy of India was affected negatively After the victory the British also started imposing dire rules upon the citizens of Bengal in the name of tax

Scene 11 (2m 17s)

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