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Honor Killings during the 21st Century in Islamic countries:

An imperative step to enforce modesty or a mere act of barbarism?


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"The Roman statesman Marcus Cato once said, "If you catch your wife in adultery, you can kill her with impunity; she, however, cannot dare to lay a finger on you if you commit adultery, for it is the law” " (Goldstein, 2002)

The crux of my research paper addresses the issue of honor killings; a tradition that stems its roots from older times, and is yet, quite regrettably, in practice to this date


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For the purposes of this paper, I shall be conducting a research using journals and articles found readily available online. Since the time constraints required to conduct a fully- extensive study is not a viable option for this course, I shall be relying on both quantitative and qualitative data available to me.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of using existing research on a sensitive topic like this is that the difference in cases that were reported and between those that actually occurred can never fully be ascertained; such cases are either brushed down by the members of family, or the authorities responsible to catch and sentence the perpetrators often don’t pay much heed to such deaths


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I believe it is high-time that the society opens up its eyes to the sheer monstrosity that takes place around them, and raises its voice for those who are silenced forever at the hands of these violent men.

This research paper could not only be a help to general people like ourselves, but could also prove to be a resource for the concerned authorities to learn from and take preventive measures to ensure that incidents like these do not go unnoticed and are accounted for, for the sake of the victims!

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