What is serve short?

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What is serve short?. The serve is the way the shuttle is put into play. Typically, the serves in badminton are different for singles and doubles play. In singles, you want to serve with a high long shot that will land near the back of your opponent's court. There are many type of serve such as high badminton serve , low badminton serve , and flick serve('fake low serve').

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3 forms of errors when doing a serve. Grip the racket to low when doing backhand serve Hold the racket in wrong angle when doing backhand serve Hold the shuttlecock in the wrong way Stand with wrong position.

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H ow to fix the error ?. Do not grab the racket too low when doing a serve.Grab slightly high on the racket grip Hold the racket in 45 degree Hold the shuttlecock with two finger and point the shuttlecock head down Left feet should stand in front when you hold the racket with your left hand during serve.

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High Badminton Serve. This type of serve is usually executed when you want the shuttle to land at the back end of the court. A good high serve must have the shuttle dropping steeply downwards at the back end of the court. A high serve will prevent your opponent from executing a strong smash. Instead, a lob or a drop is more expected from your opponent (unless they can do a jump smash)..

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Low Badminton Serve. The low serve is used when you want the shuttlecock to land in front of the court (in front of your opponent). A GOOD low serve will have the shuttlecock flying JUST ABOVE THE NET. If not, your opponent will have the chance to dash forward and smash the shuttle down to you. A low serve, when executed beautifully, prevents your opponent from making an offensive shot..

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Flick Badminton Serve. The “fake” low badminton serve can also be used to trick your opponent (deceive your opponent to expect a low serve). When you stand in a low serve position, your opponent would probably expect a low serve. However, push your thumb and flick your wrist harder so the shuttlecock flies HIGH and heads to the back of the court! Well, knowing how to serve is one thing. Practising is another. If you want to make perfect serves, keep practising until you don’t make any mistakes!.

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Conclusion. -A serve that meet requirement can give ability to strategize your serve. -A good serve can put opponent into a disadvantage position. -A good serve can able to anticipate the next shot.