Automated Raw Material Delivery

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Scene 1 (0s)

Automated Raw Material Brandon Kenny Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Brown.

Scene 2 (5s)

Project Opportunity • This project has been proposed to the college by myself in collaboration with Kyte Powertech. • Kyte Powertech has recently been in the process of streamlining one of the production lines seen on site. • This recent change has provided the opportunity to automate some aspects of the production line and this project will investigate the automation of delivering materials to this production line..

Scene 3 (20s)

Current system • Manual handling system: Human driven system in which a material handler must travel to collect and deliver the required materials to the production line where necessary..

Scene 4 (30s)

Project aim • To investigate the projected affects of introducing an automated raw material delivery system to Kyte Powertech. • Introduce an Automated Guidance Vehicle system into the gazebo simulation of the chosen environment. Project Objectives Introduce AGV into the environment and ensure it is fully controllable. • • Update floor maps to more accurate models suitable for simulation Control where the AGV can travel using a script that can be modified and expanded upon easily. • Implement updated floor map into the simulator. • Carry out testing of random travel tasks to estimate the output over a full day and its required output. •.

Scene 5 (50s)

Nav goals • This script was used to send the goal position to the AGVs, This script uses known coordinated of each workstation and sends the coordinates to the navigation stack which the robot utilises to travel from point to point.