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Danna Ramirez-1003 Group A2-2

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My name is Danna Sofia Ramirez Sanchez. I am 17 years old. I am in (10*)tenth grade in San Jose de Castilla school. I live in a five-story house, with my father´s grandmother, my aunt, my godfather, my cousin and my parents. I have 2 adopted Bull Dogs, male and female. I am an only child and I love doing crafts a lot. I don´t have many friends because I don´t like to go out frequently. I love to dance. I took a DJ course in 2019 and I am good at it. My dad also wanted to learn it. Family is the most important thing to me.

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I consider myself physically pretty . I have straight and long black hair . My eyebrows are pretty and   black . My eyes are dark brown. I have a perforation in the nose. My mouth is big. I am of medium height.

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I am a very loving person with people who I think deserve it. I am funny and i talkative . I am easily distracted and I a bit sleepy. I find many things funny. I am very timid,so when i have a presentation at school I start to laugh and end up crying. I´m not so sentimental about people, but about animals. I like to practice sports, I have practiced swimming since I was a child . I skate. Now I´m in the gym and I like volleyball, we practice family games.

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I like doing crafts, painting, and coloring but I´m no t very good at drawing. I love washing the dishes and housework but not cleaning the toilets. Food: I really like pasta, roast beef sushi, ceviche but fish not too much. I like eating hamburguer s, and I love desserts but not so sweet. Lemonade is my favorite drink. I am a chocoholic. Regarding people: I like sincere, and loving people. Honest people are wonderful. I like people who know a lot of things because they a re very cultured. Definitely, extroverted people are my favorite. School subjects: My favorite subjects are Spanish and arts. I like to learn English a lot but I would prefer to learn it out of the country. I like philosophy because we have to think a lot.

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My dislikes

I don´t like cooking too much but I defend myself. Food: I do not like fish, pineapple and soursop. I hate very sweet drinks. People: I don´t like people Hypocritical and selfish people . I hate people who mistreat dogs. School subjects: I don´t like religion very much because I think it has double standards, but I believe in god. Economics bores me a little and regarding M ath, we hate each other.

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My family

My family is very funny. It is united and very respectful. In my family, there ir no envy. Lately they say that I look like my Mom but I have always looked like my Dad. My family is the most important in my life. My Mom is a struggling woman and full of dreams. My Dad loves to cook and makes really delicious recipes. All the people in this family are really wonderful people, including dogs. My grandmother says she doesn´t want Sacha but I have evidence about that.

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My family


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My hero

My hero is my dad. He i s my worship. He´s been through a lot of difficulties throughout his life, and yet he hasn´t stopped looking for his dreams. A few years ago, he wanted to specialize in gastonomy but he couldn´t because he had to support me. I really admire him. Has always motivated me to do my best. He is a great person.

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My hero


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My dreams

My big dream is to be a psychologist. I would like to give a farm to my parents when i grow up. I want to live abroad. I want to create a foundation to help stray dogs because I love them.

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