Panfilo "Ping" Lacson Sr.

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John Lester Sebastian X - Kapayapaan. Panfilo “ Ping ” Lacson Sr..

Scene 2 (8s)

PANFILO LACSON SR.. WHO IS SEN. PING LACSON SR?. Senator. Panfilo Morena Lacson Sr. also known as “Ping Lacson ” was born on June 1, 1948 in Imus Cavite. Ping Lacson is a Filipino politician and former police general serving as a Senator since 2016, and previously from 2001 to 2013. He was the Director General of the Philippine National Police from 1999 to 2001, and was a candidate in the 2004 presidential election. During his tenure as the chief of the PNP, he was known for instituting various reforms within the organization. His high approval rating and high-profile anti-corruption campaigns paved the way for his Senate bid in 2001, where he won and placed tenth in the elections. He would later run for the presidency in 2004, but lost. After his failed campaign, Lacson continued his term he would be reelected in 2007..

Scene 3 (1m 8s)

SEN. PING LACSON SR. POLICE BACKGROUND. Lacson worked at the Philippine Constabulary Metropolitan Command Intelligence and Security Group from 1971 to 1986. Lacson , whose work involved mainly intelligence-gathering, rose through the ranks, becoming Lieutenant Colonel in the mid-1980s. After the 1986 People Power Revolution, he served at the PC-INP Anti-Carnapping Task Force as its commander from 1986 to 1988, as provincial commander of the Province of Isabela from 1988 to 1989, and as commander of the Cebu Metropolitan District Command from 1989 to 1992. In 1991, he joined the then-newly created civilian Philippine National Police, or PNP, formed as a result of the merger of the military Philippine Constabulary and the civilian Integrated National Police or INP. Soon Lacson became Provincial Director of the Province of Laguna from February to July 1992. Afterwards, he was appointed Chief of Task Force Habagat at the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission from 1992 to 1995. From 1996 to April 1997, he was given the task of project officer of "Special Project Alpha." Lacson was appointed Chief of the PNP on November 18, 1999..

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SEN. PING LACSON SR. MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. -Refused to take part of the Congressional barrel allocations saving P240 billion savings in taxpayer’s money. -Exposed the systemic corrupt practices of the Bureau of Customs during the Senate investigation on the 6.05 billion shaboo importation. -He also revealed the P6 Billion importation racket within the Department of Agriculture -Exposed the overpriced decorative lamp posts in the construction of Cebu international Convention Center un preparation for the 12th ASEAN Summit - Ammended Bayanihan 1 law which stipulates the provision of special risk allowance to front line workers on top of their hazard pay. -Introduced as an amendment to Bayanihan 1 Law the entitlement of P1 million financial assistance in case of death -Increased the DOH budget by 1 billion for urban and rural areas -crackdown jueteng operations -Pushed for the funding of child offenders’ rehabilitation facilities -proposed the prohibition of guns to off-duty police -Re-aligned 8.3 billion pork to free tuition for all students of state colleges and universities throughout the country -Provided 3.6 billion to support and prioritize the self-learning modules to financially-challenge learners who have no access to internet and technology. -Pushed for the legislation of additional funding for local government units for development projects to effect genuine decentralization without need of charter change..

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Venus has a beautiful name and is the second planet from the Sun. It’s terribly hot—even hotter than Mercury—and its atmosphere is extremely poisonous. It’s the second-brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon.

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WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR SEN. PING LACSON SR?. - Because ping is NOT taking out the pork barrel fund amounting to 200M per year caused by the theft of senators and congressmen. He said that the projects should be built by government departments, not senators, such as the DPWH road, school buildings, the department of education, etc. Because PING LACSON is not a thief, he is the only one who does not take the pork barrel fund. - When he was a Pnp chief he was able to discipline the police along with fellow generals, even if you were a general you were fired if you were fat or had a big stomach. Because the police must be physically fit to chase criminals, etc. His leadership lost the KOTONG COPS. - He is the most prepared and capable of all of running Presidents. - The track record in public service is unmatched. - There is a big crisis in our country and he is the only one who has the skills for it . - critical and assertive not just motivated. - There is no other purpose but to serve the people in our country. - No political enemy, he respects even the opponent..

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