Topic: Adult children should be responsible for the love and care of their elderly parents. Agree or Disagree.

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Topic: Adult children should be responsible for the love and care of their elderly parents. Agree or Disagree..

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Shadean Millen (2004567), Samara Silvera (2000763), Kimona Webster (2000584), Shantae Fisher (2001493) University of Technology, Jamaica COM2014: Academic Writing II Ms. E. Lundy November 18, 2021.

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Topic: Adult children should be responsible for the love and care of their elderly parents. Agree or Disagree. Thesis statement: Adult children should be responsible for the care and protection of their elderly parents because it is their fundamental duty and their parents would benefit greatly. Audience: Adult children and their elderly parents. Purpose: To convince adult children that it is their fundamental duty to care for and protect their elderly parents by highlighting the benefits..

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Introduction. “So much is asked of parents, and so little is given” this quote by Virginia Satir captures the essence of how much parents give and sacrifice their all for their children but barely get any compensation back. According to the Oxford dictionary, a parent is a person’s father or mother. Nowadays adult children do not see the need to take care of their parents when they grow old as they feel it is not their responsibility or concern. It might also be argued that they did not ask to be here and the parents had no other choice but to care for them seeing that they took it upon themselves to bring them into the world. Nonetheless, while this statement does hold some level of truth, it is time for people to acknowledge that it is only right for them to care for their parents. Adult children should be responsible for the care and protection of their elderly parents because it is their fundamental duty and their parents would benefit greatly..

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Claim 1. Adult children should take care of their elderly parents as it is their fundamental duty. Elderly parents who simply have the financial resources are nothing compared to those who are not only financially equipped but also have someone to provide care and support physically, emotionally or any other aspect. According to Donna (2020) even with some kind of pension in hand, someone has to stand in, to ensure that an elderly person, who may or may not be fully up and about, is able to receive adequate care and that their resources are protected..

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Additionally, though some children might not have had the best relationship with their parents they do have an ethical responsibility to uphold and so it would be best to leave the past behind and not let it deter them from doing right by their parents. Sturiale stated that we have wildly varying relationships with our parents and different feelings about taking care of them. Despite our personal histories though, we have an ethical responsibility to make sure our loved ones are safe, secure and getting the attention they need..

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Amles , a 27-year-old Police Officer told the gleaner, “I don't feel obligated; however, I have a responsibility to take care of my parents. This decision was an easy one to make because they took care of me and so at a time when they need me most I want to be there for them. I won't deny though that financially it can sometimes be difficult. But most times they just need you to visit them, cook, and wash for them, and make sure that they are well kept”..

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According to Ageing in place (2021), even when you employ the services of a caregiver to take care of your ageing parent, there is still the possibility of a lack of satisfaction, excitement, or fun. Caring for the elderly is certainly not an easy task but it does give the satisfactory feeling of knowing that they are well taken care of when you are carrying out said task..

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Claim 2. As children grow older their relationships with their parents may become faint. As they come adults and are now consumed with responsibilities, they may not necessarily have time to talk or spend quality with their parents. Once an elderly parent is being taken care of by their adult child/children it builds an even stronger relationship between them. Gleria Anderson in 2019 states in her article that parents feel a sense of love and appreciation in this situation which helps with the reduction of stress which may ultimately improve their health..

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Secondly, elderly people tend to be paranoid at times especially in relation to people they do not know well. If they are cared for by their children whom they trust and are very familiar with, they will become more comfortable. Jayne Stewart in a 2019 article speaks about how elderly parents who are within the care of their adult child/children feel a sense of personal comfort and trust considering the fact that they are very familiar with the person caring for them..

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Lastly, personalized care for elderly parents by adult children provides higher quality. Professional caregivers aim to learn what patients like/prefer over time however these adult children would have already been aware of certain preferences held by their parents. Jeffery Grossman in 2020 speaks about this in his article highlighting once more the importance of elderly care by their adult children..

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Counterclaim. Some might argue that, while it is true that adult children should be helping out their elderly parents, it should not be an obligation. The notion that adult children should be obligated to care for their elderly parents is quite unfair and would not only have a limited effect on the parents but may also adversely harm the health of the children. Adult children have their own responsibilities and stress that they have to go through in their day-to-day lives, whether financial struggles or just caring for their families..

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Therefore the additional stress and obligation to care for their elderly parents can be burdensome and may result in depression, anxiety or impaired quality of life for adult children as stated by Schulz and Sherwood (2008) and Eden (2016). Furthermore, according to an article written by Wang ( n.d ), adult children have no more moral obligation to support their elderly parents than does any other person in the society, no matter how many sacrifices their parents made for them or what misery their parents are presently suffering..

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This response is because children do not ask to be brought into the world or to be adopted. Parents must take care of their children until they become adults because parents made the decision to have children and therefore have to take responsibility for their decision. Children on the other hand, do not make a conscious choice to have parents and therefore have no responsibility to take. In summary, adult children should not be responsible for the care and protection of their elderly parents..

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Refutation. Despite the claim made by opponents that adult children caring for their elderly parents is unfair and will adversely affect their lives, we must first remember that when we were unable to take care of ourselves our parents cared and provided for us. They endured tantrums, crying, mood swings , bad days and many other hardships all while dealing with their day to day lives but they did not give up on their children. So why should adult children give up on their elderly parents so easily at the first sign of any complication..

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It was stated above that adult children have their own responsibilities which include having to care for their families and they cannot balance the extra burden of caring for elderly parents. Family includes the parents of adult children, so when did they become something else? Caring for elderly parents might not be the most trouble free option, but it would be selfish to ignore all that they have sacrificed and endured for the success of their children and not return the favour. Elders devote a significant portion of their lives to constructing and shaping our lives, and it is our job to thank them in their latter years (Mann Ghatt , 2021)..

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Additionally, although children did not choose to be born, many adults and also teens in Jamaica did not get a chance to choose to have a child either. This is due to abortions being illegal in the country, they are left with no other choice but to have the child. However, despite all of this, parents try their best to provide for the child and oftentimes may cut down on their own desires in order to fulfill the wishes and demands of the child. On top of this whether parents did anything or not, they gave the greatest blessing of life. (Mann Ghatt , 2021)..

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It is only because we have life that we are able to enjoy it, and have a variety of life experiences and the primary reason for our physical existence is our parents. Therefore, parents make everything possible for their child by giving them life and sacrificing for their well being hence adult children should be accountable for their elderly parents' care and protection, it's the least they could do..

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