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Anamur is located at the southest point of Turkey

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It has a population of 65 thosand people.We are happy to live here because …..

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It is a tourism town.I has the cleanest sea and the longest beaches of Turkey . It has a mild climate ,so you can swim even in October or November

Scene 7 (51s)

It is a historic town.Here is the Mamure castle.It is the best preserved middle age castle in the world . It was built by Romans in about 4th century.

Scene 9 (1m 10s)

Here is Anemurium ruins. Anemurium means “windy place” It hosted many civilizations during its history such as Romans, Byzantines and Selçuklu Empire. It has aqueducts, theatres, an odeon , houses, churches and graves .

Scene 11 (1m 31s)

Here is Köşekbükü cave.I has a unique atmosphere. It is about 2000 years old. It is good for asthma.

Scene 13 (1m 48s)

Here is the Dragon River.You can watch the meeting of The Mediterrenean and the river here.

Scene 14 (1m 58s)

Here is Değirmendere . You can eat your fresh fish near the waterfall. It is a really relaxing place.

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You can do many recreational activities in Anamur such as paragliding , windsurfing and trekking.

Scene 18 (2m 29s)

It also has many camping sides.

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Anamur is hometown of Carett carettas.Every year , they come to Anamur coasts to lay eggs .

Scene 20 (2m 47s)

Abanoz plateau is the escape place for people who are tired of heat in summer, and in winter it is a gift for children that never see snow in Anamur .

Scene 21 (3m 0s)

Anamur is an agriculture town.It has a special micoclimate.It is one of the rare places that you can grow banana in Turkey . It is also famous for strawberry and avacado.

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In dry days ,you can see the mountains of Cyprus with naked eyes.

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Anamur is full of warm people waiting for you.

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Come and see

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