Analyzing the Rock Layers and Fossil Records

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Analyzing the Rock Layers and Fossil Records

Unit 1 Module 1 Lesson1

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Principle of Uniformitarianism Relative Age Dating Absolute Age Dating Relative Age Principle Superposition Original Horizontality Lateral Continuity Inclusions Crosscutting Relationships

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How can the Rock layers and geologic Features in this photo be used sequence past geologic events?

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To define the Age

She is older than her sister

She is 16

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Timeline Description automatically generated

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Relative Dating Youngest Oldest Absolute Dating 120+5 million years 140+10 million years

Scene 9 (1m 13s)


ROCK LAYERS •Law of Superposition* younger rocks are on top, older rocks are on bottom Youngest Oldest

Scene 10 (1m 22s)

Cross cutting

Crosscutting Relationships Fault Igneous intrusion

Scene 11 (1m 30s)


Law of Inclusions • Rock fragments (in another rock) must be older than the rock containing the fragments. sedimentary x x x x x x x igneous x x x x

Scene 12 (1m 40s)

Original horizontality

Scene 13 (1m 47s)

Original Horizontality

Scene 14 (1m 54s)

Lateral Continuity

Scene 15 (2m 0s)

Floor of sedimentary basin Stratum terminates by thinning at margin of sedimentary basin Stratum terminates by grading into different kind of sediment

Lateral Continuity

Scene 18 (2m 22s)

Fossil Record

*cond Oldest Youngést Layer €0 Oldest Vay9r.