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Definition of PHC. 3. “ Primary health care is essential health care made universally accessible to individuals and acceptable to them, through full participation and at a cost the community and country can afford” Hence full participation of individuals , households and communities is core to primary health care.

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The 3 paradigm shifts to address PHC. 4. Current state.

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Family with two children. Family with boy. Family with girl.

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HUB PHC referral facility (Level 4) U U iii Multidisciplinary team U U Network of facilities PHC facilities (Level 2/3) U Population served linkages with CHU/HHs.

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PRIMARY HEALTHCARE NETWORK (PCN) IN NYANDO SUB COUNTY, KISUMU COUNTY Ur*la H e alth Clin€* ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯_¯ Nyamw are HC Absalom K adhiambO Koduol Reru Disp. Kochicng HC a Disp. Kanyagwal Disp. Boya Nursing Home ¯ Gm"ty Hospital HC Ahe" Tungane Nyakongo Bunde HC Kadinda HE,' Hub Rabuor SCH Rabuor SCH Rabuor SCH Rabuor SCH Rabuor SCH ub Maginn HC 4 Spoke Ayrweyo HC KatoIo-Marb.tta Disp. 8 km Thc Hope Medical Center Awasi Holo Dis Ayucha H C Oren Wang H C Olasi HC (Nyan"o) Scale: Date: 21/04/2022 Hub Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero @unty Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Ahero County Hospital Spoke Ahero Medical Center Awasi Mission HC Ayvveyo HC Boya Nursing Home Bunde HC Hongo Ogosa HC Impact Tungane Kinasia HC Lela HC Magina HC Nyang'ande SCH Rabuor SCH Absalom Wangulu Disp. Kochieng HC Nyamware HC Okana Disp. Umbrella Health Clinic ub Kinasia HC Kinasia HC Kinasia HC Kinasia HC ub Basemap: ESRI Shaded Relief Map Purpose: Hub and spoke model of the PCN referral network Spoke Katolo-Manyatta Disp. Nyakongo Disp. Olasi HC (Nyando) Oren HC Nyang'ande SCH Nyang'ande SCH Nyang'ande SCH Nyang'ande SCH Nyang'ande SCH Spoke Kadhiambo Disp. Kadinda HC Kanyagwal Disp. «iuol Reru Disp. Komwaga HC Awasi Mission HC Awasi Mission HC Awasi Mission HC Awasi Mission HC Spoke Ayucha HC Holo Disp. The Hope Medical Centre-Awasi Wanganga HC 1st Tier Referral (To) Referral Facilities (To) Referral Facilities (From) Referral Pathway Ahero to Major Hubs Major Hubs to Facilities Facility to Ahero SubCounty unicef&.

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Maisha Meds Last 30 days Priority Areas - Dispensed Category Antibiotic Painkillers / NSAIDs Antimalarial Multivitamins / Supplements / Herbal 'W Heart /Blood thinners / Cholesterol Antacid / Gastrointestinal / Genitourinary Anthelmintic / Dewormers Diabetes / Endocrine Cough / Cold / Expectorants Home Dispensing Sales Inventory Profit and Loss Ratta Health Centre and 101 more Invoices Antimalarials Antibiotics Select All Facilities Refresh Logout Cost Quantity Dispensed 227,126 198,310 63,252 54,141 20,978 16,071 8,381 8,149 6,333 Rows I-II of first 2000 # of Patients 10,950 9,887 8,595 620 143 910.

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All Kisumu CenKeumu E*Eumu WesMuhoroni Sub counties IJI Assessments & Nyakach Nyando Seme 00k All Kisumu CerW8Umu Eheumu We*uhoroni Nyakach Nyando Seme 1.15 Assessments & Total Assessments 6,428.0 Sub counties iCCM Assessments Total Assessments 194 0 o • iCCM Assessments 3350 249 0 O iCCM Treatments 201.0 0.0 1090 O iCCM Treatments 1,188.0 l,on.o 800.0 350 600.0 400.0 200.0 6,om.o 5,om.o 4,om.o 3,owo 2,0Ø.o l,om.o 0.0 350 1,308t 0493904 0 1,5360 80.0 1036 0.0 o 20 64 50 0_ .o 30 .o Nyando Seme All Kisumu Ceftaomu Eütumu Wefluhoroni Nyakach Sub counties ce All Kisumu Ceft8Lrnu E*Éumu Wexuhoroni Nyakach Nyando Seme Sub counties Maternal Indicators 1.35 Positive Diagnosis 1.15 Diarrhoea eve 448.0 400.0 0.0 1.15 Malaria eve IJ5 Pneumonia •ve ANC VISits 1333% O Health Facihty Deli.. 120.0% 100.0% 1067% 7% 1 1% Ne','.wn Visits Withi... 120 90.9%.

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County Kisumu County Primary Health Care Vital Signs Profile HW GCP County 0 in pm.rty day' CAPACITY Governance Inputs Population Health & Facility HW PERFORMANCE $ FINANCING or PHC: beaith s'F•adag of PHC ,.Ministry Of Health Coverage Of RMNCAH 0 Peree•t er Outpatkat Care by Ihsta•ee Index Servke Cover. Index Management ao phcpi 4 • SKm 6 - Am iO.xm So..nø BILLOWIEI_INDA GAI+S 6) World Health . Organization 8.5% ARIADNE LABS.