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Zane Assink.

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Connor Lyons.

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Welcome to the All About Airs training event AAA This presentation contains pre-event training information for you to use as a guideline to prepare for the event. Be sure to click on each slide and view the video clips.

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Performing Aerials has become a very important component in Progressive Elite Surfing..

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Learning and Practicing Aerials. A common problem among developing surfers is that a high percentage begin trying to perform aerials before foundation skills have been obtained. In order to perform higher degree of difficulty maneuvers a set of strong foundation skills must be in place. The ability to generate SPEED is a vital skill in the preparation stage The best way to begin trying aerials is to begin with an air with a grab. Normally an air with a grab is the easiest way to begin learning and becoming confident in performing aerials. Like all maneuvers, aerials should be practiced on both forehand and backhand View the following clips which demonstrate some of the basic skills for aerials.

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When scoring aerials, judges look for height and any technical aspects such as rotations. These elements increase the degree of difficulty and commitment and are rewarded by the scoring judge.

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The surfer performs a highly technical aerial. This is an example of increased commitment and increased degree of difficulty and is highly rewarded by scoring judges. The maneuver included height, technical aspects such as rotation, and high degree of difficulty performing without a grab. Centering the weight over the board without grabbing increases the degree of difficulty..

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Initiate an early rotation by looking to your finish.

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Generate speed- compress- extend- compress.

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There are several different aerial maneuvers being performed today by innovative athletes that continue to create new versions of aerial maneuvers that keep evolving and pushing the limits of surfing.